Win a limited edition HanLeiDBSK shirt!—WINNERS POSTED!

We will mail them all together tomorrow (Monday 10 Aug 2009)



Hello Guys!

Since there are only few response to our banner making contest :( , we’ve decided to change the criteria in participating. Firstly it will be much more simple,  it will be a digi raffle draw. You will just comment in this post replying with “Joined: name e.g. Joined: Lei . Then E-mail us your Full name and full home address (with Zip/Post code) if applicable.

Of course we have maximum counts of participants, so hurry up and join now!:)

Leave a Comment now and you will get to win and have a limited edition T-shirt from us! (this has only 3 pieces; Han & Lei + the winner). And one of the good thing is you don’t have to pay anything in entering the contest and even how will you get the shirt, we will kindly send it to you by mail (we will pay for the mail fee) ^^

Some shots of the Shirt that you’ll be winning: (it’s not that extravagant, but it’s made with love from us)


>>And we will pick 3 more lucky winners to recieve a personalized Post Card from HanLeiDBSK with personal messages and signs from us.<<


* We are doing this contest draw to give thanks to all our few and growing supporters out there.

The qualifications to join and  participate in our mini-contest are:

1. You should have a valid residential address (contest only open for Asia, US & Canada, Europe) >>> for shipping of the winners’ prize

2. Valid E-mail address (currently using)

Fore more questions:

* E-mail us at: hanleidbsk_4evercassiopea@yahoo.com

Deadline: 01 Aug 2009 ENDED

Thank You Very Much!,

HanLeiDBSK team


  1. Joined: Amalia

    • i saw ur email!..tnx for joining!..

  2. no, thanks for making this blog site !
    ahhh, i can’t wait……

    • ehehe…ur very welcome!

  3. Gomawo nee.. XD happie to know that I’m the winner.. ^^ thx~ a lot..

  4. thank you very much.. so happy to win in your contest.. i will continue supporting hanleiDBSK & DBSK eternally.. goodluck in everything & more power.. thanks for making cassiopeia happy always..♥♥♥

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