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CEO Matsuura-sans’ Cryptic Tweets

October 15, 2010

Then I wonder what’s up with the government. RT @nejimi The music industry is so ugly. RT @misakikyaro It’s getting riled up… RT @masatomatsuura:

There are times when I want to say these things. (After being told by other Japanese people on Twitter that it’s not the best idea to reply to angry fans)

I just thought it was necessary to tell these typical people that only post meaningless tweets to stand out.

To people overacting about my last tweets. They’re from September 28th. Below↓. If you’re one of the people that assumed these tweets were relevant to you, it shows that you are either overreacting or being paranoid. Most of the time, I am not talking about anything relevant to you.

Lost sadness, and with that, lost the fun.

To lose is to win… No, even if it’s like this now, someday, I will turn it back. Right now is a time to work hard to stifle this regret, it’s training. I’ll make those people acting high and mighty regret what has happened. In the end “I’ll never lose.” I’m just talking to myself…

I used to think that giving up is to lose. But if you’ve decided completely that you’re giving up, maybe there’s a way for losing to be a victory, too.

T/N: This is my interpretation of his tweets, which are somewhat hard to decipher because he’s writes vaguely on purpose. I didn’t do it word for word like some other translators did, but I tried to match the general tone of what he said. Please read other translations and decide for yourself what he meant.

Source: Matsuura’s Twitter
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TVXQ on Allkpop’s Background

October 15, 2010

Yay! Let the world know that DBSK is still the no.1 Kpop band! 😀

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JYJ Seoul Showcase Programme Book [Part 4]

October 14, 2010





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TVXQ – Fanart Comeback Compilation

October 14, 2010



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Yunho in High Cut Magazine

October 13, 2010

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UKnow YunHo Promotes Tourism Spots: Gwangju, Hangang, Jebu-do [131010]

October 13, 2010

What role did you take up?

My role in the drama is Lee DaHae’s lover and I’m appearing as an action star-YunHo. At the initial stage of the drama, it’s a setting of a strained relationship. Also, I lost the ring that Lee DaHae gave during one of the action scenes, so I went around to find the similar ring, and in the end we (Lee DaHae and I) meet again.

What do you think of the filming?

There are really a lot of action scenes, feels that there seem to be many intense action scenes. One of them is the scene where I keep running back and forth on the famous Busan Gwangan Bridge, where I had to avoid a missile. There were a few dangerous scenes too, and (I) was slightly injured, but seeing the film for the first time today, and it came out better than expected so I am very happy.

Are you able to immerse into the role immediately?

I have the same feeling as an action actor. The reason is because the YunHo in the drama is an actor, a role who goes through a secret relationship with his lover, who has some similarities with me now. Aren’t action actors and I both artistes? Therefore, I put in more of my characteristics and worked hard for the filming.

The musical ‘Goong’ is in full swing, are you ready?

Almost at the last stage of practices, I am really happy. Because a musical includes acting, singing and dancing, I think it had really played a big part in my growth. The drama series ‘Goong’ itself is very interesting, having to act as the Crown Prince, I wish to let more people see me in a less-straightforward manner.

At the end of these busy days, if there were a full rest day, what would you want to do?

It would be great to have some spare time and take a rest after finishing a busy peak period. I like to take pictures while travelling, hoping to travel to many famous places to take pictures and to pen down my feelings into a journal.

A message to the fans:

It’s still YunHo who’s greeting everyone with a new position. This time wanting to show everyone a two different sides of YunHo who is passionate and imaginary, because I want to meet everyone in all different forums, not only in musicals, therefore from now on please give me more support!

Yunho’s Recommended Tourism Spots

Gwangju… Hometown

“Because Gwangju is a cultural city, like last year, Gwangju has hosted a lot of international cultural events. The natural scenery is very beautiful; food is also very delicious, which has a saying ‘speaking about food, it’s Jeollanam-do Gwangju’ kind of reputation, like duck pot (Gwangju’s specialty), and seedless watermelon. Because it’s a profound land, when visited, you only need to say, ‘Want to eat this,’ and there will be people sincerely guiding, if you say ‘Wish to eat it again,’ there will be a discount.”

Han River, Seoul Namsan Tower… favourite places

“I often go to the Han River to observe the people around me… Of course, only after I changed my attire. I like strolling; it’s a kind of simple yet pleasing experience to watch the river. Seoul Tower is also highly recommended, to go with your lover or family, isn’t it the best?”

Jebu-do… wish to go with the person I like

“Jebu-do (An island beside Yellow Sea), is a small island. There is a pathway on the sea during low tide,and if the time (when the pathway can be seen) is missed the path would be gone. Sashimi and sushi are very delicious… I don’t have a lover now, but if I have one, I wish to go with her.”

Source: Baidu CheersYoonho + BaiduTVXQ
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[October] Download Section

October 12, 2010

Sticky Post for this month..^^ OCTOBER 2010

>>It’s been a while since we shared stuffs here, so here we go again :)




JYJ Worldwide Showcase Concert in Seoul [121010] || Download 1, 2, 3 (154 files)
JYJ Showcase in Seoul Programme Book || Download


JYJ (JEJUNG/YUCHUN/JUNSU) – The Beginning (Special Edition)

01. Intro ( Composed by Brian Kim / BJD ) 0’48″
02. Ayyy Girl_Feat. Kanye West / Malik Yusef ( Composed by Kanye West, Kyoko Hamler, Ebony Latrice Batts, Malik Yusef / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler, Ebony Latrice Batts, Malik Yusef ) 4’20’’
03. Empty ( Composed by Rodney Jerkins / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler, L. Daniels, T. Parker ) 3’35”
04. Be My Girl ( Composed by Rodney Jerkins / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler, L. Daniels, T. Parker ) 3’16”
05. Still in Love ( Composed by Kim, Jaejung / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler ) 4’22”
06. I Can Soar ( Composed by Kim, Junsu / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler ) 4’40”
07. I Love You_Feat. Flowsik (Composed by Park, Yucheon / Lyrics by Kyoko Hamler, Flowsik) 4’52”
08. Be The One ( Composed by Jae Chong / Lyrics by Jae Chong, Terry Shorter ) 3’12”
09. Ayyy Girl_DJ EON Remix 4’10”
10. Empty_DJ EON Remix 3’58”
11. Be My Girl_DJ EON Remix 4’00”
Info from [Purchase your copy on site]
>>DOWNLOAD<< [will be release on the 25th]

Single: JYJ – Ayy Girl (feat. Kanye West) || Download cre:ihoneyjoo


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