++ Everyone! We are currently looking for translators & be part of our HanLeiDBSK team, whether its Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai …etc. its all open!  Just leave a comment here or simple email us by using the subject title “(language)__ translator for HanLeiDBSK” so by that we can easily determine the content of the email..^^ Thanks! ++


[Admin] TVXQ Anniversary — Show the Love in a Banner Submission!

Hi Guys! It’s already December! and what’s on this month?!

Yes!, it’s Christmas! .. DBSK’s 6th Anniversary! ..

To celebrate these events in a fun and creative way.. we are having a banner submission again..hehe ^^ Don’t worry it’s not a contest..^^ so no pressure..^^

It’s really simple to be a part of it..

Just create/make a banner for our site and show us your love for DBSK and show us SOME LOVE maybe..hehehe

Just include the following themes:

*Christmas-sy like theme (has to be DBSK related)
*DBSK Anniversary banner
*or a Junsu birthday Banner

and don’t forget our blogsite name: hanleidbsk.wordpress.com

We don’t mind if its graphical, hand drawn, photo collage..etc. .. as long as its DBSK related and has met out themes and the size is 700×200 .. then your IN!!

Deadline: Decemeber 25, 2009

*P.S. — all banners that will be submitted will be used, we will change the banner everyweek..So join now!..and show the love!


>>email your banners here: hanleidbsk@googlemail.com


– We are going to make a banner submission too for January!..So if you want to submit a Jaejoong related banner, you CAN submit in advance! like this month, so you’ll be firstt on the list of changing banners ^^


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