About us authors and our Blogsite

Hi Everyone! This is our second blogsite and we will be posting here more often now, about Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK)..All news,Pictures,Updates etc..

And ny the way to those who havn’t been to our first blog yet and hasn’t know us yet..we are Han & Lei a.k.a. HanLei to make it shorter..^^..so you guys can call us HanLei or simply call us from our separate names thats fine aswell.


Han – YooMinSu Lover

Lei – YunJae & Soulmate Lover


So please support and continue visiting our blogsite….(we don’t get or ask for donations for our site..its completely free from doantions..^^)

P.S. — We don’t steal or claim other peoples posts or blog, whatever..whenever we post anything we give credits where it came from..so please I hope you all do the same..when taking out please include credits..ok?

(original wallpaper made by Lei)


Han & lei


when taking out posts from our blog..please do include credits we put (including other sites) and our name aswell (hanleidbsk@wordpress).. whether its on a forum, your blog or someone else’ blog your going to post it on.




++ Everyone! We are currently looking for translators & be part of our HanLeiDBSK team, whether its Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai …etc. its all open!  Just leave a comment here or simple email us by using the subject title “(language)__ translator for HanLeiDBSK” so by that we can easily determine the content of the email..^^ Thanks! ++


  1. Hi webmaster!

  2. I love your site..<3333..gives me up close to my daily dosage DBSK=))..thanks for the updates..

  3. Lei,nice to know ur blog^^,.

  4. Lei,,may i know ur email??

  5. email?..why?..do u have something to ask? or say??? (ur scaring me..as if ur going to tell me something that we wont like..)..hehe…just kidding~^^

  6. hey guys,
    thank you so much for this blogsite, i love to visit it everyday and to see these 5 angels. it’s my rutine to drope by your site after reading my e-mails.
    hope you will keep going on with this site for a long time.

    do you have the URL of your first blogsite? i’m just wondering what is posted there.

    thank you and take care

  7. our first blogsite is on blogger..but we dont use that anymore…its just past updates there~^^

    but if u want to visit its http://hanleidbskcassiopea.blogspot.com/


  8. Love your blog.

    I really like how you post their pictures on the side.
    Can’t get enough of them..hehe ^^

  9. 안녕하세요.

    I love all your site !!! … love DBSK and SJ.
    Thanks so much for this blogsite. It s very updates.

    My Korean Is Bad…..I need to practice my Korean !!!
    I Will Be Right Back!

    안녕히 가세요!

  10. eheh, finally found a dbsk fansite here at wordpress
    nice blog ~~

  11. I’m really happy to find out ur blog cause i don’t understand Korean ,so ur blog is so good source for me to know more about TVXQ,keep ur good job ^^ fighting!!!

  12. ^^

  13. Hey guys. Thks for the constant updates abt DBSK.. It’s always so wonderful to b able to see those pics of DBSK in events that only happened yesterday. Where did you manage to grab those very current pics? can ya tell me? Thks a million. ^^

  14. Have been reading your blog for a while. Thanks for the prompt updates for all about TVXQ. Love you all, and TVXQ GO GO GO

  15. Hey, i’ve been coming to your blog from time to time now^^
    thanks for the pics download :]

    I ws just wondering can you please help spread the words about the tvxq petition?
    click on my name and u’ll see there’s a post on my blog about it. I’ve stick it on top.
    I was told last night we only have 1000 people sent it the emails and we’re 4000 short.. It would really help alot if you can help us too.

    But it’s cool if you dont want to. Us malaysian cassies just wish to bring tvxq to msia again for their concert =]


  16. anyohaseyo…
    its glad tat found ur blog..
    i love TVXQ so so much…
    and of cause nice to meet ya
    if got any updates about TVXQ, can please inform me by email?
    thanks ya..
    God bless…

  17. really like ur blog very much…. ^^

  18. i like ur blog very much…. ^^

  19. Hi chingu..
    I hope you have time and can go online in your ym account…

  20. hihi….
    i heard that they have new PV…
    share the world….
    do u hav the PV??
    can u upload it??

    Thanks a lots…. ^^

    • yes i do have the MV..^^
      click this link..

  21. can I be a friend with You?

  22. hi hanlei X)
    ur blog is very2 nice 4 me.. X)
    btw, may i request something??
    if u have get all pictures of TSC concert & its pamphlet, please join them all in RAR / ZIP then put them in MEDIAFIRE only..

    Can I be a friend with u?? it’ll be nice X)

    • yea we will make a RAR file with this after we collect pix..^^
      yea of course u can be friends wd us..np!..^^

      add us on Facebook if like and have one..here is our email: hanleidbsk_4evercassiopea@yahoo.com


      • he9… yeah.. so, may i ask where do u live??? since when both of u love dbsk??

      • england..yea we both love dbsk soo much..i think its been 2yrs and a half..^^
        how about u?

  23. hey jaejoong isn’t the lead vocals. so the info is wrong btw..

    • he is the lead vocals..

      • huh then how about junsu? i thought there was a magazine interview that identified the “lead vocals” in each korean band like wondergirl/bigbang etc. and junsu was identified.

      • Junsu sings a lot of parts in their song too, especially when the notes are high together with min..but the lead vocals is actually JJ..:)

  24. http://ipoll.kr/k_click/t.html

    Hey cassie , VOTE FOR DBSK !
    they’re losing to SOMEONE that DBSK are more talented then !

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