CEO Matsuura-sans’ Cryptic Tweets

October 15, 2010

Then I wonder what’s up with the government. RT @nejimi The music industry is so ugly. RT @misakikyaro It’s getting riled up… RT @masatomatsuura: http://tl.gd/6f6rl0

There are times when I want to say these things. (After being told by other Japanese people on Twitter that it’s not the best idea to reply to angry fans)

I just thought it was necessary to tell these typical people that only post meaningless tweets to stand out.

To people overacting about my last tweets. They’re from September 28th. Below↓. If you’re one of the people that assumed these tweets were relevant to you, it shows that you are either overreacting or being paranoid. Most of the time, I am not talking about anything relevant to you.

Lost sadness, and with that, lost the fun.

To lose is to win… No, even if it’s like this now, someday, I will turn it back. Right now is a time to work hard to stifle this regret, it’s training. I’ll make those people acting high and mighty regret what has happened. In the end “I’ll never lose.” I’m just talking to myself…

I used to think that giving up is to lose. But if you’ve decided completely that you’re giving up, maybe there’s a way for losing to be a victory, too.

T/N: This is my interpretation of his tweets, which are somewhat hard to decipher because he’s writes vaguely on purpose. I didn’t do it word for word like some other translators did, but I tried to match the general tone of what he said. Please read other translations and decide for yourself what he meant.

Source: Matsuura’s Twitter
Translation: aly @ DBSKnights
Credit: DBSK Sleepless Nights



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