Warner Music Korea delays JYJ’s album release [131010]

October 13, 2010

JYJ’s first official album, “The Beginning”, will have a delay of its release date.

Originally scheduled for release on October 14th, the album will be delayed indefinitely due to an internal problem.

A representative of Warner Music Korea stated on the 13th, “Due to problems with the album pre-orders and its sales, we will be delaying the release date. It won’t be delayed too long.”

SM Entertainment recently filed an injunction at the Seoul Central District Court against the trio. On the 13th, representatives of SM Entertainment stated, “The lawsuit surrounding their contracts has yet to even reach a decision, and yet the three members have signed a contract with CJES Entertainment. This double contract is a violation against the conclusion drawn last October.”

He went on to state, “We have filed an injunction at the Seoul Central District Court on the 8th to suspend their contract with CJES Entertainment, and to prohibit the sales of any albums to be released.”


Is this delay the result of a lapse in judgment from the boys, or does it demonstrate a more nefarious intention from SM Entertainment?

Credits: allkpop.com



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