JYJ talks about the G20 Seoul Summit [280910]

September 28, 2010

The three members of TVXQ, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, recently expressed their thoughts on their overseas promotions at a G20 Seoul Summit blog interview.

JYJ stated, “We’re glad to be able to participate in an event that gets Korea recognized to the world. We feel responsible as singers that represent Korea overseas – especially when our international fans listen to not only our songs, but support us with their love for Korea as well.”

The members went on to talk about their views about G20’s “Consideration Campaign”. Yoochun stated, “I’m currently studying the analects of Confucius in order to learn how to become a bigger person. It’s definitely important for us to learn how to be considerate of others and to keep order so that we become a considerable nation.”

Junsu chose throwing trash away properly and Jaejoong chose apologizing to those one bumps into in the streets as their global manners. Jaejoong went on to state, “As we promoted in Japan, we saw that the Japanese apologize at all times for even the littlest things. Through this campaign, we’d like for our fans to participate through these actions with us.”

The three concluded the G20 relay interview by stating, “We’re extremely excited as citizens that Korea will be hosting the Seoul G20 summit.”

Kim YunA, Park Ji Sung, Park Tae Hwan, Edward Kwon, and others were present at the interview as well. Their individual interview segments can be found on Naver.

Source + Photo: Daily Sports
credits: allkpop.com
re-shared by: hanleidbsk


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