Fans concerned with Avex releasing JYJ products [270910]

September 27, 2010

TVXQ’s Japanese agency, Avex, has been under a bit of heat lately due to the release of a 2011 calendar featuring Jaejoong, Yuchun, and Junsu. The agency already declared that they would be halting all of JYJ’s activities for now, thus making fans wonder why their products are still being sold, if that was the case.

Avex began selling two versions of the JYJ 2011 calendar through music site “Mumo“. Fans who have supported the trio’s promotions are criticizing Avex as having double standards and being hypocritical. TVXQ fancafes and other entertainment forums have been posting criticisms like, “They’re just trying to steal profit.”

In their defence, Avex announced that all these products were already scheduled in advance and would be released regardless of the halt in activities. Yet the clarification is falling on deaf ears. “We are unable to understand why Avex would sell their products when they are not allowing them to promote,” fans said, “Why are they tying down JYJ if they’re going to continue selling their products?”

Avex halted the trio’s Japanese promotions on the 16th, making it impossible for them to continue promoting until their lawsuit with SM Entertainment reaches a conclusion.

Source + Photo: Donga Journal
Credits: Allkpop


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