Park Min Young – “Carrying Such A Heavy Person Made My Body Ache All Over” [090910]

September 10, 2010

KBS 2TV Monday-Tuesday drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” main actress Park Min Young expresses her thoughts on acting with Park Yoochun.

Park Min Young states that during the drinking scene in episode 4, the filming was really tough.

In the drama on the day of the broadcast, the scholars who had just been admitted into Sungkyunkwan held a celebratory gathering. Always the firm believer in adhering to his principles, Lee Seon Joon (played by Park Yoochun) overheard scholars of the same division as him talking about him behind his back. Seon Joon’s pride and self-respect made him drink the jar of wine in one go. Later on, he was so miserably drunk that he had to be carried back to dorms by Kim Yoon Shik (played by Park Min Young), who was a woman pretending to be a man.

Park Min Young laughingly said, “at the day of the shooting, Yoochun was so immersed into the acting that his whole body weight was on me. Carrying such a heavy person on my back made my body ache all over.” Later, she added, “although it was difficult, Seon Joon and Yoon Shik became friends, finding an opportunity that confirms their feelings for each other. That’s what made this scene so important. In complete contrast to the principled image, Yoochun’s impressively natural acting really made the scene very enjoyable.”

The production crew on the day of the shooting said that “there were a lot of NG scenes in between the two, but we were able to happily complete the shooting at the end.”

In addition, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” will present the many interesting encounters of Kim Yoon Shik and Lee Seon Joon who share a room together.

Every week Mondays and Tuesdays, KBS broadcast at 9:55PM, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”.

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