Yoochun’s new addition to his tattoo..

August 31, 2010

Not a recent one, but we’ve missed this post and some are asking us about this tattoo.

After seeing and hearing Yunho at the recent SMTown concert about DBSK gives me/us hope, but seeing this now makes me feel that there are less chances…:( *pls tell me I’m feeling it wrong*

Only three names? I can accept and understand that they hate SM or something, but they can’t ignore HoMin just like that right???…:(( so heartbreaking….


Ex-member of the late Dong Bang Shin KiMicky YooChun posted a picture of his new tattoo as well as other pictures to his Cyworld account.

Right below his old “2009″ tattoo with the words, “Always keep the faith,” Micky’s new one shows a wing with names “, JaeJoong YunWan Junsu.  But you’ll notice it does not include Changmin or YunHo’s name. For those who don’t know, YunWan is Micky’s brother.

It looks like Micky has gotten over Dong Bang Shin Ki splitting up and moving on.

credits:  popseoul + micky’s mini hompi


One comment

  1. Here is it~ the tattoo post..
    But the only thought putting me at ease is that .. maybe.. there ARE HoMin names.. cuz the pic looks photoshopped right? AND it’s black+white.. 🙂 I will not believe anything else until I see a coloured not photoshopped one (=

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