From a Mother to Cassiopeia [240810]

August 24, 2010

Hello everybody. I am a mother of a Cassiopeia and this was written quite a while ago…

My daughter pretty much never switches off her computer, she spends all day every day on Korean sites or here on Baidu, surfing the web.
I’m sure there are a lot of people here who like TVXQ as much as my daughter does, if not more.

My daughter is 16 years old. Back when she was 12 years old, I remember he buying a TVXQ album and sneaking it home. Four years have passed and many things have happened…

Ah.. My daughter, sometimes she sits in her room crying, other times laughing. Whenever we’re sat around the table at dinner, she’ll jabber on and on about TVXQ, about Yunho to me and her dad. It’s almost as though she’s gone insane.
Every now and then, she’ll talk to me about going to Korea for days and days. I remember her telling me you fans were organizing some kind of group dance this summer? (flashmob) When she was young, we used to send her everywhere and pick her up afterwards. She rarely goes on public transport because our home is simply too far away from the city. I still remember her excitement when I agreed to let her go to practice sessions for the flashmob. Her father said ‘Will you be dancing to songs of TVXQ? Don’t muck up and embarrass yourself~’ I nearly laughed.

That morning, she went off with her friends to catch the bus and still hadn’t come home after 6. I panicked. She wasn’t picking up her phone, and it wasn’t until 7 that she was finally home. Her father said in relief ‘I thought you wouldn’t be able to make it, but you managed to get back yourself’ And from then on, she went to dance practices every week, and sometimes she’d even practice in front of us. I’ve never seen her take anything so seriously before.

I remember once last year, when we were having dinner, she was arguing over something with her dad… I think it was about TVXQ. She said she wasn’t going to eat and was absolutely fuming. I kept asking, but she paid no attention to me. In the end, I found out that she’d wanted to see TVXQ in Shanghai.

In early April this year, I noticed how she seemed to always be in a bad mood, I honestly thought she was suffering from depression~~ When I brought it up, she told me ‘TVXQ’s activities have been suspended’ through sobs~ Her dad heard and commented ‘Have they disbanded? I told you idol groups don’t last for long.’ Something in my daughter’s eyes changed and she started screaming at her dead. Screaming and crying her heart out all at the same time. ‘Who says they’re disbanding?!’

To all you fans, maybe you love TVXQ as much as my daughter does. Maybe they’re the first thing you think of. You’re people who are willing to sacrifice so much, everything, for TVXQ.. People have told my daughter that she’ll stop liking them once she’s older, that she’s only interested because they’re young and handsome, but she insists that it’s because of their talent, of their charm~~

In being a fan, I hope you treat your idol as your motivation and target so that you’re able to achieve the things you want in life.
As fans, I hope you’re able to make your idols proud. TVXQ are great kids, I thought it was just an infatuation at first, but now I sincerely believe in faith and determination. Please continue to protect your idols!
Don’t forget: In protecting those you love, you must also work towards making yourself a better person and make your idols proud.

There are lots of you out there who are high school students, university students or even working adults. Please be the best you can be and keep your faith for TVXQ. Loving someone is no simple feat, you’ll understand when you grow older. But watching you guys and seeing your love for them has made me realized how much you’ve grown as a result of this fandom. You’ve all really matured.

Finally, I’d like to thank TVXQ and to thank you Cassies (is that what you’re called?) You’ve really helped my daughter along the way. She’s changed so much. She now knows the meaning of determination, of faith and belief. Everybody hwaiting!

Credits: loveuhc@TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights


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