[FanAcct] Fan Account – SMTown Live in Seoul [210810]

August 22, 2010

Today’s concert began at around 4pm, lasting all the way till nearly 11pm. There were around 3 instances where they had technical difficulties and so the performances were put on halt many times. Yunho and Changmin’s performances were scheduled to be at the end of the night, and at around 10pm, they finally came on stage. We’d waited for over 5 and a half hours, it was a long and torturous wait, especially since all the other artists had been on and performed. By the end of it, we felt as though we’d already seen everything they could possibly have had in stall for the audience, yet there was still no sign of the two. Many cassiopeia had a hard time sitting still, and each time there was a break, the whole stadium would erupt with screams of ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki’. To be honest, I was really anxious myself too, especially when they were celebrating BoA’s anniversary, Super Junior and SHINee were both on stage whilst HoMin were nowhere to be seen. Right then, I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes, in my head, I wondered why our HoMin still hadn’t appeared.

When they finally played the vcr of Yunho, everybody went wild. After that, they played another vcr with ‘O Jun Ban Hap’ playing in between. Everybody screamed at the top of their lungs, we’d really waited for way too long! With heavy hearts, we continued to wait, nearly all the fanlights had been switched off by then and it almost felt as though the concert was over. Just as we were grieving over the possibility that the concert had already ended, the big screen suddenly dimmed, and the stadium erupted once again with screams of ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki’. It really was them this time! When the background music started to play, the only thing i heard was ‘This is Dong Bang Shin Ki’ It was as though the stadium had exploded, all the red lights came on in an instant. We screamed at the top of our lungs, and right after, we saw HoMin slowly descend towards the main stage from above us (like at the third concert tour).

Everyone went wild!! They really were the final item!!!

When HoMin finally reached the stage, something went wrong with the sound system, so Yunho signaled the staff to stop the music, he exuded an amazing air of manliness and charisma! Not long after that, the music started again, playing ‘The Way U Are’ The audience sung along with them, and this was followed by ‘Rising Sun’ and then ‘Mirotic’. As the two stood on stage, the screams and shouts from Cassiopeia were the same as always, they were completely in synch. After the medley, Changmin and Yunho each performed a solo, they were just ridiculously handsome, and the music at the beginning was especially powerful. Of course, because they are Dong Bang Shin Ki! Yunho was dressed in weight and Yunho was especially sexy today. He was in a suit, but his shirt inside was nearly completely unbuttoned as usual. The patterned suit was kind of odd but still looked gorgeous on him! The two walked off once their solos were over, and Super Junior’s ‘Don’t Don’ came on. We hadn’t thought it’d be over so soon, but Changmin appeared all of a sudden and sang a rock version of the song along with a few other Super Junior members. I can’t remember clearly, but Changmin was really handsome and his powerful singing was really no joke. He was dressed in tight red pants and a black T-shirt that was ripped, or rather, shredded at the front. His high notes were absolutely amazing and the whole audience hollered along with him. On the big screen was close up after close up of our Changmin, and he even made a sexy expression. Watching him on screen, I sudden realized that the little boy had finally gornw up. After Changmin’s performance was over, Yunho came on stage again wearing what looked like a black jumpsuit, it looked a bit like a space suit. He looked so powerful. Throughout his performance, the audience screamed his name incessantly, and once it was over, Changmin appeared yet again. This time around it was a duet, a new song we’d never heard before. As the two of them stood on stage, Cassiopeia’s screams were absolutely deafening. I felt like we’d all been waiting for this moment the entire night and right then, it was like we’d all lost it. We kept screaming, this was the performance we’d been waiting for!

When it was over, the lights came on and the two stood together on stage to greet us. ‘Hello everyone, we are Dong Bang Shin Ki!’ We screamed ‘Hello, we are Cassiopeia’ in return. After the two had introduced themselves, Yunho yelled ‘Have you all been waiting a long time?’ We shouted ‘YES’ in unison. He then said something about the the hot weather and Changmin told us all to enjoy SMTown. Then Yunho said ‘We haven’t been on stage for a long time, so I feel really good. From now on we will show you even better performances, Dong Bang Shin Ki’s performances!’ We really didn’t know what to say in response so we all just screamed. At the end, right before they walked off stage, they shouted a line, a line the boys used to shout at the end of performances ‘This is the end, we are Dong Bang Shin Ki, thank you very much’ This was followed by more screaming, but at the same time, I felt my heart ache and my eyes began to well up yet again. We are Dong Bang Shin Ki…

Since they were the last to perform, all of SMTown came on stage after they’d left, it was finally the end of the concert. When everyone was singing together, the fans would scream each and every time HoMin’s faces appeared on the big screen. We haven’t seen them for so long, our Dong Bang Shin Ki, our HoMin. The two of them stuck together the whole time and ran towards the left side of the stage, kneeling down to talk to the fans, with red balloons in their hands. When Changmin was singing, Yunho would run over to his side. Our Choikang High Notes and Leader Jung are just adorable! The two of them walked along together as they sung, their emotions completely sincere. When Yunho shouted ‘Cassiopeia, thank you very much’, the stadium exploded with screams yet again. Finally, Yunho pulled another cute expression. Seeing him smile suddenly made all the waiting worthwhile. As long as you’re happy!

When the concert started, we Cassies screamed and we sang, from Mirotic to Balloons to Miduhyo to the many screams of Dong Bang Shin Ki. We really are the best! At the end, Leeteuk suddenly shouted ‘Cassiopeia’ causing all of us to cheer in response. The cassiopeia section was, as usual, a sea of red. The red ocean was beautiful today, and when HoMin came out, we let our red balloons fly into the air in hopes that they would see. We’re with you always! Being with you makes every moment of the waiting worthwhile because you really are worth it!! We’ve always made each other proud, from the beginning up until now. Yunho, Changmin, saranghae. Dong Bang Shin Ki, saranghae!

Credits: TVXQBaidu + uknowbar
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights


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