What People Think of When They Hear ‘Korea’ [160810]

August 15, 2010

Most Koreans would think of Ito Hirobumi whenever “Japan” is mentioned, similarly, for most Japanese people, the first name that comes to mind at the mention of “Korea” is Bae Yong Jun.

KBS International Broadcast and NHK conducted a poll from June 26th to July 4th, surveying 1000 Korean and 1473 Japanese participants of over 20 years old. The results are as follows:

Bae Yong Jun – 20.8%
Kim Dae Jung – 7.8%
Lee Myung Bak – 7.3%
Choi Ji Woo – 4.3%
Lee Byung Hun – 3.9%
Kim Yuna – 3.4%
Dong Bang Shin Ki – 2.6%
Park Ji Sung – 1.6%


All in all, amongst females, celebrities ranked higher; and amongst males, politicians took the lead.


Credits: TVXQBaidu + DNBN
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights


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