Eastern European girls go crazy for Korean idol [240710]

August 1, 2010

In the far away land of Eastern Europe, there are a growing amount of Korean idol fans. Their enthusiasm and love can’t even be reached by Korean fans with the highest standards. Especially in Romania, recently appeared Hallyu force. Now with the active professional reporter, we know about Romania’s fiery passion for Korean idols.

“Korean music and dramas cures the depressed feelings of young Romanians due to the economy.” Koreans should be proud of their music and dramas.” Romania “Loving Korea” fan club president Diana Voina. Romania’s most popularly received artists include TVXQ, FT Island, Super Junior, and etc.

Romania’s most popular hallyu fans fanclubs are ‘Mirotic Cristial Romania’ (TVXQ), ‘Primadonna Romania’ (FT Island), ‘E.L.F Romania’ (Super Junior), ‘R.A.F 바보오빠’ (Korean drama fan club) and etc. (only translated parts related to TVXQ)

Credit: osen+cassiopeia.5d6d
Trans+shared by: sharingyoochun.net


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