[FanAcct] Finnish fan meets Jaejoong in LA

July 21, 2010

T/N Changed the picture with watermark on

Now about Jaejoong, I mean more about him now that i have almost calmed down.
So i stayed at Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills and there was one nice evening when i was innocently shopping in the mall opposite the hotel. When i came back to the hotel i saw that there was a photoshoot going again. I walked past near there was two older korean guys and one effin’ stylist young man. I just walked past the young man like “uh okay” until i realized that “Ops Jaejoong!!” :——-DDD

At that moment when i realised that it was him i started to hyperventilate, i didn’t know should i start crying or laughing and i was a major fangirl GLAD HE DIDN’T SEE THAT MOMENT!
Then i went back was like “Are you really Jaejoong…..”
and then his translator was really happy and sai “Yes, do you known him?” Poor Jae was totally stiff/frozen, he was like a lost little boy:D ❤ and i answered something along like]“Omg, seriously of course i know him” and then i explained that DBSK is cool and “How’s Junsu” and got something said in Korean too.

And it was a topic of wonder that i’m from Finland, the translator guy said that “I think Jaejoong is actually more shocked by the fact that he’s got a fan from Finland than you’re by him right now” … 😀
Then i asked is it possible to take a picture with Jae, the old translator guy was like “YESYESYES!” then he took the picture by my camera. I got to stay in Jaejoong’s arms a little longer because the translator was failing with the camera and Jaejoong was giggling cutely at him. :”)

So there was the story, he said that Junsu was fine at that moment and that Jaejoong just talked to him (Junsu) by phone. Jaejoong himself was fairly depressed which is understandable, but he wasn’t arrogant or anything. So dammn cute and genuinely puzzled about the situation 😀 and actually he was shorter than i imagined, 180cm is not as much as i though. He had effin’ stylist clothes and big head and eyes far from each other and contact lenses :——–)
so observations like this. And of course the muscles
yeah right and a packet of cigarettes :—————D I busted you Jaejoong

Source: LALIS @ Irc-Galleria.net
Translated by: Jejungi @ Twitter (& I’m known from various other places too ^^)
Credit: Jejungi @ Livejournal
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!



  1. Hello. (:

    Please change the image to http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/618/jjfclaconwatermark.jpg as this has the watermark. 😀

    We have to respect the original translator and the one who made the fan account.

    Chosun took the picture as theirs… Chosun totally did wrong this time.

    Here’s the original source btw. http://jejungi.livejournal.com/2466.html

    • oh thank you for informing us. We just got this news from allkpop.com

      we’ll change it now! tnx 😉

    • we changed the content as well 😉

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