[ADMIN] HLDBSK Original T-Shirt Designs

July 16, 2010

Hi guys! Been brainstorming about T-shirt designs and thinking about selling shirts online (but not sure if I should)

Here are some of the designs I’ve been this past few hours 😉

Tell me what do you guys think…?? (of course it will come in different colours, and designs will be changed based in shirt colour as well) 🙂

Original HLDBSK Logo

For this I've made simple wordings.

I’am Cassiopeia.
Brightens the night sky.
I’ll stay with you until your deepest sorrows.
Guides your way to happiness.
Your Joy is my smile and laughter.
I’m the shadows of your dreams, nor Sad or Happy.
Never leave you into darkness and fear.

I’am your Cassiopeia.
Right here and whenever present to give shine to the
stars that are forever as five.
Depend, Defend and believe.
Me, your Cassiopeia. I Always Keep The Faith.

>>Comment below for your opinion<<



  1. i like no1 and 3 design…..so will this shirt be on sale?

    • Not yet..but we’re planning to sell them online..^^

  2. wow..it will be online..let me know when it already open for sale…

    • yes..I’m planning it carefully ;)..thanks

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