Elle Girl – Winner of Changmin’s Autographed Polaroid Announced! [160710]

July 16, 2010

In the June Issue of Elle Girl, we had a plan to give away autographed Polaroids of Changmin. After the shoot for the August Issue, Changmin himself did the draw for the winners!

A Mountain of Postcard Applications!

For Changmin’s first appearance in Elle Girl for the June Issue, we planned the autographed Polaroid giveaway, and we received a huge response! From 12 May till now, the editorial department has been receiving postcards non-stop, and the final count was 4,793 postcards!

There were many handmade ones, and the staff were also thankful for the number of thoughtful postcards . We wanted send everyone’s feelings of passion to the man himself, so when we met him for the August issue photoshoot, we brought everything along!

Really Thankful for the Fans’ Thoughts!

After explaining about the postcards that were placed in front of him, “That’s Great!!” Changmin said in a very happy voice. From the postcards that had drawn images of himself, he checks the postcards one by one, occasionally breaking into an embarrassed laugh. It looked like he was happy that there were so many Japanese fans even though it has been quite a while.

Changmin hand-picks the winners

When we requested for Changmin to pick the winners, he immediately agreed! “It’s hard to only pick 3 names!” he said with a sigh. He was worried all the way, and considered really hard before he decided on the winners!

Winners Revealed!

With a probability of 1,597 to 1, Changmin picked these 3 super lucky people! When asked about why he decided to pick these winners, he said “ I wanted a balance between caricatures and illustrations! But I was honestly too confused, so I don’t really know why! (Laughs)”

For the many applications, Thank you very much!

For the winners, the Polaroids will be mailed to you shortly, please look forward to it.

(Winner Information Omitted)

For everyone who did not manage to win this time, as the August issue will have the Polaroid present as well, you must have your revenge!

Source: [Elle Girl]
Translation credits: ssunsett@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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