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July 15, 2010

ELLEgirl August Issue, Backstage Secret Talk 【Changmin version】
By Culture correspondent Miyacco

Everyone. Sorry for the long wait! In the ELLEgirl August issue on sale now, there’s round 2 of Project Changmin in it! At the same time, backstage and other projects will continued to be uploaded online yo!

There’s something regretful I have to tell you this time…… Like in the issue last time, everyone must be waiting for the video interview, but in fact something bad happened, and there’s no video (tears). Right till the day before the shoot, we we’re hyped up for the video, and even prepared two teams! And even though we had such a great standby like that……! However, we have many photos and backstage interviews, so please wait for those.

Well moving on, about the magazine’s interview, there’s quite a bit we want to supplement.

First is visual.

This time we could only use two cuts, so it was really hard to select them~. We were worrying right until the end about one picture that we didn’t include, but we included it in the making page even though it was small, and yet there’s also these other precious shots!

The arm’s muscles somehow look manly and cool! That was what we thought, but because it covered the face, sadly it didn’t get chosen. Such a casual pose too, just doing it without being requested to is really amazing!

Next is the interview.

First is “the things fans ask for don’t feel real”. This, is of course not because you “totally can’t feel it”, I gathered some statistics that would create a great reaction(online PV viewership numbers, data like that) and told him, and he was surprised by it, having a nuance and said “I didn’t realise that it was that good”. Then, because he was such a modest character, he spoke humbly like “no no, I’m not that good……”.

For example, when there’s clothes that fit him well and everyone praises him, he would go “no no, not at all”, and says things like, he saw his own looks already and has no confidence.

By the way, we told Justin Bieber that “you’re really popular now”, and he smilingly said “Thank you!” without a hint of modesty (laughs). As expected of an American. This might be a culture difference!

Anyway, about how passionate Changmin’s fans are, I told him clearly already, so please don’t say saddening things like “Why didn’t you tell him!!” anymore~.

Then, about the talk of him receiving energy from his family and lover, many related that to him having a girlfriend right now. From Changmin himself, he said “Although I don’t have a girlfriend” purposely before answering that question, and thought of it only as a ‘maybe’ situation! A gentleman that thinks of his lover over his friends. Japanese men might not have this idea! Different from what we’re talking about just then, Korean men are more like Westerns, I think they have a deep culture of treasuring women~. Lovely☆

Written in the making page of the magazine there’s the online project of “The Ultimate Choice”, and in the following week, there will be around four entries made. Look forward to each time, and please choose to have this or that! Even though there were near 20 questions, we thought he’ll just answer them however, but he took the time to think through each one of them to answer us…… he’s so serious! -That was what the manager said (laughs).

Without further ado, at the pace of a week, we’ll continue through with Project Changmin, don’t miss it!

By the way, we collected questions for Changmin in the blog before, we totally forgot to tell you that it’s already finished, and there’s still a lot of questions that we’re thankful for being given in…… Anyway, we’ve ended the collection of questions, and so, thank you very much! If you have anything to say, please leave a comment!

Source: [ELLEgirl Blog] + [NeverEnd]
Translation Credits: tvxq_luv@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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