Ayu intercedes conflict between TVXQ fans and CEO Max

July 1, 2010

There was a little conflict recently between Tohoshinki fans and Matsuura Masato the president of Avex, on twitter.

The conflict started when fans asked him about Tohoshinki. Matsuura tweeted, “Wanting them to get back together is my wish, but not getting back together is their decision.”

Fans were upset by his tweet and said to him, “Don’t you know how many fans would get hurt by words like this?“, “Why don’t you stop tweeting?“, “Stop saying stuff as if you know everything.”

Matsuura tweeted back to the fans again, “Then don’t ask me anything, and don’t believe my words“, “You want me to lie about that?”

Then people who are not Tohoshinki fans tweeted to him, “You are being too immature“, “You should know how effective your words are to fans.”

The twitter exchange became over heated, and Ayumi Hamasaki tweeted on behalf of Matsuura to the Tohoshinki fans.

“Please stop pushing all your anger and sadness only on Masa(Matsuura). Because of his position, he had to know something he didn’t even want to know. Isn’t Masa the same as you (fans)? Who didn’t give up, even after going through all that pain?”.

Source: MEN’S CYZO + tokyohive


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