Tohoshinki’s Trio, Tears Of Gratitude [230610]

June 23, 2010

The unit that has paused all activities so far, Korea’s Tohoshinki members Junsu (23) Jejung (24) and Yuchun (24) formed a new unit and performed a total of 4 concerts in Tokyo Dome and Osaka Dome, to an estimated total crowd of 200,000 people. Before the final encore, Jejung said, “ Finally,(today) I told myself that I wouldn’t cry.” as he resisted the tears. However, due to the overwhelming emotions, the three eventually cried on stage. As their next activity, they will be performing at “a-nation” this summer. Due to new songs performed at the Live concerts, a possible new CD is being considered.

The new unit’s Live was full of twist and turns. Representing the 3 members that couldn’t stop crying on the first day at Osaka Dome, Jejung said at the final talk, “No matter what pain and sadness we’ve been through, we’ve endured all the emotions and tears. But in front of everyone here (today) I thought that I shouldn’t cry… I want to smile properly. To see everyone enjoying themselves, I think it’s better if we show you the happy side of ourselves,” However, after the encore, they couldn’t stop the tears from falling, and all 3 members were crying as they left the stage.

The waiting fans speculate that the production of “THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” cost about 1.2 Billion Yen for this “Thanksgiving Day. ” Looking at the 450-inch big screen, the 3 members revealed Yuchun’s lines from his first key drama role, saying “I like…you.” This caused the fans to swoon and cheer furiously. From the 3 members’ interactions and hugs, you could feel the deep bond between them.

During the live, 4 new songs from the trio were revealed, and fans are hoping for a CD release. A representative of their management company Avex revealed that “We are currently considering the release of a CD,” and the current plan is for live recordings to be done this summer. The last ballad performed, with the message of “ We will meet again,” in the lyrics, “W” received the greatest response.

Digest videos from the 4 Dome performances were uploaded online and streamed for free on the internet, from the 16th and lasted for 5 days. On 28 July, the members’ documentary interviews taken this spring, at places like Korea and Canada will be released in the DVD “3HREE VOICES”

The next stage for the new unit will be at the outdoor event “a-nation”. They will perform this summer on 21 & 22 August in Osaka, and 28 & 29 August in Tokyo.

Source: [Daily Sports Online]
Translation Credits: ssunsett@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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