[Fanaccount/Event] MYX Kpop magazine launch event at SM Mall of Asia, Philippines [090610]

June 17, 2010

it’s an afternoon event of myx filled of kpop events and there’s four shout out walls wherein we can write messages for various kpop artists.

after the event, some of the fans stayed to have chat and more picture taking. then my brother, Don, suddenly came up with an idea. He said that since there are four walls, why don’t we write giant letters of T-V-X-Q on each wall.

our group had fun writing the letters. Having the letters TVXQ on each wall is just like shouting out that TVXQ is simply the best group!!! ^_^

after our group wrote it, we took photos and we asked the event organizers if we can have a photo of it at their photo booth even if it is already closed. after a lot of pleading (yes, it took a lot), they said yes.

from L-R:
Sparkle, Jaemin, Khristine, Barbie, Dan, Don

and on top (between V and X):

tnx for spreading the love!!!

TVXQ is jjang!!!!

oh, and about the soccer ball, it has a funny story… ^^v

we are heading home and we decided to walk from Mall of Asia to the mrt station so that we can chat more…

when suddenly on Moa’s giant globe, that soccer ball appeared and we shouted:

“Junsu’s ball!!! Junsu’s soccer ball!!!”


“heading to the ground!!! Yunho!!!”

we took out our cameras and phones but we were too late. The globe switched to a different image already…

and so we decided to wait for the soccer ball to appear again!! hehe.. \m/

it took us about 10 or 15 minutes of waiting for that ball to appear again! LOL.. ~__~

Buses and Jeepneys are already stopping in front of us. they thought we are waiting for a ride. hahaha…

TVXQ saranghae!!!

credits: Barbie Delos Santos
shared by: hanleidbsk.wordpress.com
please add all credits when taking out. Thanks!


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