ELLEGirl Blog Editor – Future Questions For Changmin [160610]

June 17, 2010

ELLEGirl Editor’s Blog

Changmin’s autographed photo collection & our request

Last month, there were many replies from everyone on the blog post about Changmin’s photoshoot afterword, so a big thanks to everyone!!
I hope I can express my gratitude with this opportunity. The “Like” count also showed an extraordinary reply rate! It’s awesome being able to receive everyone’s love.
Next is the situation with regards to the collection of autographed pictures.

Everyone, please take a look at this!
Even though it has been released for over a month’s time, we still receive countless postcards every day, so the editing department is being attacked with endless amounts of postcards! Because the content relates to individual information, we will pick important parts and keep it safe.
Up until now, we have received about 3000 postcards, but among it all, we can only give out 3 signed photos of Changmin. We feel really regretful!

These are the pictures that are going to be sent, with Changmin holding onto the 2 magazines!

Due to there being massive amounts of everyone’s requests to “collect materials once again” or “wanting to see more of model Changmin”, to prepare for the day when we can once again shoot Changmin in a photoshoot, all of the questions that everyone wants to ask, no matter what it is, please tell us! Because the photoshoot was suddenly decided, and order to avoid being frantically busy with last minute things, we needed to be fully prepared for everything (laugh).

With regards to Tohoshinki’s latest activities, I think it isn’t a suitable question to ask at this time, so other than this, like his own work or individual questions, can all be asked. Don’t ask questions in the comment box, but in this address listed below~


Before the photoshoot, other people responsible for collecting questions on Twitter came across this query: “do all the questions that come from readers remain intact and original and then asked to Changmin himself?” Because we are professionals, these types of things that could cause our jobs to be flipped upside down would never be done by us, so please rest assured! We really looked at everyone’s messages and sorted them into groups, going with the flow of the interview and asking when appropriate.

But since Changmin is an artist who is able to receive such passionate support from his fans, taking in questions and thoughts from fans must be pretty precious to him. So it is important that we hope to use everyone’s questions as a reference. But we’re only just talking about this, and the next photoshoot hasn’t even been scheduled or confirmed yet! Aren’t we thinking a little too much right now? (laugh)

What is Changmin’s thoughts during this period of the JYJ Live concerts?… Even if we can interview him right now, we can’t ask such a thing. Seeing everyone’s urgency and desperation to see Changmin sing again, I really do understand.

Miyacco, Sumimin, and I all went to the Dome Performance, so next time I’ll probably update a report about it.

Source: [ellegirl.jpbaidutvxq]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net


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