[fannaccount] JYJ message at Tokyo Dome [120610]

June 13, 2010

Tokyo Dome’s First Day

Junsu looked like he wanted to cry from the very beginning.
Even Yoochun’s eye were watery.
Eventually, Jaejoong cried.

The 3 of them sang with great sorrow and were crying.

The last message from Yoochun.

With this tour, I’m really worried if the fans will be able to make it here. 4 concerts… but to see everyone’s smile, do you know how blessed we feel? You guys probably do know~ I still want to have 20 more concerts, really. I want to bring happiness to everyone as Yoochun.

Jaejoong’s last MC was with tears.

Everyone has a lot to say to us, right? Us…we know what everyone wants to say~~ it’s like you want to say it, but you can’t… its like all these words that are difficult to verbalize, these tears that you can’t seem to cry out, right? However, I think with this live concert, if you want to speak out, if you want to cry, just do so… And of course, being on this stage, the smiles that we give out are the most important.


Last year, we were standing here as well, but really, too many things have happened. It’s restless to be standing here today. I was very touched by everyone’s support in the beginning. I had wanted to cry at that moment. I will keep on singing, anytime of the day, to repay all your support.

source: baidu
trans by: x9095x@DBSKnights
shared by: DBSKnights


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