[Support] DBSK International Singing Contest

June 5, 2010

TVXQ Sarang is hosting an internation game similar to Shade’s of Jae’d Jae’l Break which just ended.
We are hosting an Singing Contest for all DBSK fans, to show their love and talent.

I would like to invite your website to participate in our No Rae “Singing” Contest and have a representative from you website as a Judge as well as become affiliates. I also ask if you can advertise the contest on your website.

Sign up to participate as a Judge ends on June 15th.

More information and sign up for the singing contest can be located here @


Affilate applications are located here @ (you will recieve an email with your affilate account information after you have submited the form)


TS’s Main Pre-Registration Poster Link: http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q178/ChibiMitsukai/POSTER2.jpg

Other pre-registration banners/posters have been attached to this email.  There are two sizes to each banner. Feel free to resize if needed. Please let me know if you need to resize any banners/posters. Programs such as IrfanView can be downloaded @ download.com and is free and easy to use.

Offical Posters will be emailed to participating or websites that wish to advertise on June 16th.

Please feel free to email or IM me if you have any questions.
email: tvxqsarang.adm@hotmail.com
IM: dbsk.angel@hotmail.com

From: DBSKAngel aka Mire

shared by: hanleidbsk.wordpress.com


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