[Fanaccount] JYJ THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME update [040610] P1

June 5, 2010

18:10 (Japan time)

“Sam-san is here”

[I asked her when the concert starts and ends]

“The concert starts at 6pm (Japan time) but no indication what time it will end. When we heard BEEN SO LONG last night we didn’t know how long they’ve  been rehearsing already”

“there’ll be a surprise event for YC’s b-day in the 2nd half of the concert, they’ll flash a signal & all of us will make the heart sign over the heads”

“It’s a centerfield stage with 3 arms. Notices are now done in Japanese/Korean/English. Finally ads for Beautiful love & Sunanare were played”

credit: kelly@sharingyoochun (konsaato@lj)


18:10 (Japan time)

Sam-san just arrived!! Starting soon. Goodbye till later people! There’s a guard at every block & every 10 seats lol: cya!

There’ll be a birthday “event” for Yoochun during the concert by the audience! \o/

In the Dome right now. This is how the stage looks like. Dome is half filled at present.

Look at the number of people pouring out of the station! D:

Kyocera Dome! \o/ can see people milling over already!

credit: tohosomnia’s twitter
shared by: sharingyoochun.net


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