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TVXQ’s JaeChunSu in Los Angeles to record new album [290610]

June 30, 2010

An unidentified official confirmed that Jaejoong, Yoochunand Junsu (JaeChunSu or JYJ) are currently in Los Angeles, California to record their new album. The trio was seen arriving at LAX airport on June 26th.

The album is slated for release some time in August and with the album geared towards Asia, there could be tracks in both Korean and Japanese. The album is supposed to be released under a famous international record label but no further information was given.




TVXQ’s JaeChunSu demands $2.5 million USD from SM Entertainment

June 28, 2010

Today, it’s been revealed that the trio is now demanding 3 billion won—which roughly converts to about $2.5 million in U.S.—from SM Entertainment, to fairly compensate the earnings they’ve made from various TVXQ-activities to date.

According to JaeChunSu’ claim, since the trio’s contract with SM is now void (since October 2009) due to its illegality, the profit that SME earned from the contract should now rightfully be returned to the three members. Since the whole group has earned 60 billion won in total, the trio believes each member deserves at least 10 billion won, deducting SME’s own expenses. However, they have decided to demand only one tenth of that amount for now, ultimately seeking for 3 billion won (2.5 million USD).

To support their decision, the three members also argued, “SM Entertainment claims that 13-year-long contract is needed for overseas activities, but it’s unacceptable. We members are the ones who have to pay for the damage if the contract is broken in any way, and its amount is too high to be acceptable.”

Latest reports have announced that the trio will eventually increase the amount of compensation, but the final amount hasn’t been decided yet.

Demanding such an overwhelming amount of cash may serve justice to the trio, but it definitely does not seem like an easy route. Hopefully these issues will be resolved soon.

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TohoMobile – Changmin [240610]

June 24, 2010

Fresh feelings ♪

ChangMin who is back in Japan after a long time!
He had a photoshoot in a Japanese wooden house ☆

ChangMin said, “Something Japanese-styled like this feels very fresh, doesn’t it!”
ChangMin matched the Japanes-styled atmosphere more than what we expected, and it was very good ♪



Unlike usual, ChangMin also went with this style!??

For a fashion magazine’s photoshoot, he got to wear clothes that he couldn’t normally wear and said that he was very happy (^o^)


After the photoshoot…

ChangMin was signing autographs on the polaroid pictures, and each of them is a picture of a different outfit ♪

After this, we was going to have an interview!



He still had more and more photoshoots!
Next is the photoshoot for “SPUR” magazine which will be published on 8/23!

He was checking the pictures of himself!
ChangMin looked very very happy~ (LOL)!!


Doing my best~!

We immediately approached ChangMin when he had his break time~!

“Everyone, long time no see~^^
How’s everyone doing? I’m doing my best at the photoshoots~!
by ChangMin”


I’m eating no~w ♪

ChangMin was having sushi and grapes-!
Changmin got overly excited saying, “Wahhh! This is amazinggg!!” (LOL).

He ate them immediatel~y ♪

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W-inds talk about Jae in Junon magazine August Issue

June 24, 2010

We were supposed to talk about their new single but when we noticed we
were doing Keita-kun’s imitation column!?

Keita-kun who is good at mocking, from Moriyama Naotrarou-san to Bobby Orogon..during the interview he showed us a new one! That was…”Jaejoong-kun”. “Im with him often so im really good!” he answered imitating Jaejoong-kun’s voice. Even the way he talks and sounds is just like him and we were so surprised~! Ryouhei-kun & Ryuichi-kun challenged it too. It was supposed to be w-inds.’s interview but it became the 3′s fake Jaejoong-kun interview *laugh*. It is fun but I can’t tell who’s comment is whos~!

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[Video] Jaejoong – Mezamashi TV [240610]

June 24, 2010

He was the first to end filming and few hours later the 2 (Eita and Ueno Jrui ended).

Jaejoong “I feel like I won at something. It was really fun. Goodbye everyone hahaha”

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Eriko Kitagawa’s Updates [230610]

June 24, 2010

On the 22nd, Jaejoong attended the finale celebratory dinner for Sunao Ni Narenakute .At the celebration, in the short time, I said a lot of stuff to everyone. Things i want to say, and things I must say, I said it all. Because it was my mission. While drinking, getting a little drunk, what is right is truly a little different.Ah~~ Also, Jaejoong’s Heaven’s Postman, I understand that it received a lot of praises in Japan. “How come??” I ask with lots of excitement. They say its all because of how well I did the subtitles (bitter laugh)Ah. During the celebration talk, we also talked about the things here. If every week there are people happily enjoying Sunao Ni Narenakute, we would feel really happy. I got the response, thanks very much.Goodnight everyone. Linda did say this to doctor, this isn’t the end.” I was comforted. Also influenced by them. Don’t know when, a feeling of loneliness appeared.

Someone send this, I’m very grateful
Sunao Ni Narenakute chocolate
Received a lot, very happy, so I gave it to everyone
Everyone were so happy

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Junsu’s ‘Ray’ Magazine Interview

June 24, 2010

As a member of TVXQ, Junsu ventures into the music world as a solo artist!
Junsu’s new single ‘Intoxication’ was recently released in his album ‘Xiah’. As a dance track targeted at a more mature audience, the song is a perfect display of Junsu’s impeccable talent.

‘This is a song which brings out a completely new side of me. It conveys a side of men in a sexy way. The dance track has a club-feel; it exposes the true ‘me’ without reservation, and contains a certain sex appeal which is especially amplified by the vast dynamic range and large intervals. ‘Intoxication’ embraces a music style I have always wanted to try out. On the other hand, ‘Kanashimi no Yukue 悲しみのゆくえ’ is an expressive composition which deals with the suppression and concealment of one’s self. It is the feeling of wanting to confess to a person you love but not knowing whether or not they will understand and accept you.’

His Mother’s Influence:

‘My mother loves music, in fact, she was once approached by a management company which hoped to make her an artist, and this is why she is happy that I’m able to become one. It makes me scared how similar my performance’s are to hers, she really did have a huge impact on me. Now that I’ve become more professional than I used to be, I no longer need her advice, whenever I hear those words from her, I’m hit by a sense of loneliness and a flurry of mixed emotions.’

Junsu, who feels like he has only just embarked on the journey to become an artist said ‘I’ve never really considered what type of artist I’d like to be, but I hope that my songs will last for the rest of eternity. As long as there are people who like and enjoy my music, I will continue to sing regardless of the time and situation. It is the things that I love which motivate me to sing.’

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