French Magazine: Made in Japan n°9 March issue

April 11, 2010

This is March issue, so the article is a bit out of date. But it’s still amazing how French magazine also had a wrap up about our boys’ situation

Besides Johnny’s (T/N : they were dealing about Johnny’s entertainment just before), while DBSK are in pause for an indefinite time due to the lawsuit with their management company SM, the band is still working as THSK in Japan. Their Best Of has explosed all records with 413 000 copies sold in one week, this album becoming the most sold in all japanese history on this time period. Bon Jovi was holding this record for almost 15 years (T/N : I think they for forgot to say that this is a record for a foreign artist). It’s a total consecration for them. Furthermore, they appear on top of the mondial charts of the number of albums sold in the world.

An adding to that, a new single will be released at the end of march “Toki wo Tomete”.

Credit: Leia-chan@SYC
Trans: sharingyoochun.net


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