“Thai TVXQ!’s fans” donating half hundred-thousand for the Haitian

April 11, 2010

Thai TVXQ!’s fans gathered together in website pantip.com donated about 50,000 Baht (about 1,538,000 Korean Won) to relief the Haitian earthquake victims.

Although the lawsuit between TVXQ!’s members and their agency has not dissolved yet, TVXQ!’s fan club in Thailand still continues their activities to support 5 members of TVXQ! with uttermost effort. This charity activity in the name of “TVXQ!” began with fans gathering at website pantip.com/chalermkrung in the TVXQ!’s lawsuit news threads, aiming to update the news about this lawsuit and share various opinions about TVXQ! situation and the fans also held 2 fan-meetings. This donation included the surplus from the entrance fee of both meetings, 18,750 Baht and 9,975 Baht respectively. After open for more donation since mid-January until the 30th of March 2010, another 15,775 Baht was donated. At the end of March 44,500 Baht was collected altogether.

On the 2nd of April, the representative of Thai TVXQ!’s fans donated this amount of money in the name of “Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejung, Park Yuchun, Kim Junsu and Shim Changmin with Thai Fans” to the program “Thailand’s donation to Haiti through the Thai Red Cross Society”, received by Narumol Chaimongkol, assistant director of the Red Cross Society finance department.

Ms Busarawan Chaidaisuk, the representative of the fans for this donation stated that fans are very pleased and proud to do this charity activity. Initially, the fan meetings were held in order to encourage each other spirits and show their continuous support for TVXQ!. In the meantime, the news of the Haitian suffered from major earthquake was arrived. Therefore, the Thai Cassiopeia decided to donate through the Thai Red Cross Society, which meant not only can help relief the victims but also bring a kind reputation to TVXQ!.

In addition, Ms. Narumol Chaimongkol was grateful for TVXQ!’s fan club. She thanked the fans who made such good activities like this donation which also help other people. As the representative of the Thai Red Cross Society, she wished all good luck and success to the donors.

This is the picture of donation slip.

Written by: ~Melody and Harmony~@pantip
Translation by:
Credit:  @ pantip Chalermkrung
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