‘Goodbye My Love’ – J.Richs’ MV featuring Yunho will be release on the 12th

April 10, 2010

Being his group TVXQ has been in inactivity, Yunho will make appearance in other singer’s music video.

Rookie R&B trio group J.Rich announced the release of their debut song music video on the 12th starring TVXQ Yunho “Goodbye My Love”.

Yunho, ever since his group TVXQ debuted in 2004, has never appeared in another singer’s music video even once. But this time he will make appearance to support one member of J.Rich, Haekang who are in the same age and also from the same origin as him.

Having a close friendship with Haekang since childhood, this will be the first time for Yunho to star in other singer’s music video.

What kind of image figure Yunho will show in the music video, fans have been expecting it a lot.

In his appearance, he will be a match couple with ex-member from group Sugar, Park Soo Jin. J-Rich official said, “On the 12th we will release Yunho trailer, while on the 14th it will be trailer that has appearance of Park Soo Jin.”

Source: Newsen
Translation: sharingyoochun.net
re-shared by: hanleidbsk


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