High Standard Performances That Will Attract 6 Million [050410]

April 6, 2010

Shanghai Expo- Korean Pavilion will attract 6 million with high standard performances.

The Korean Pavilion was created in order to coordinate with the Shanghai Expo’s theme of “Better City, Better Life”. It will showcase the combination of culture and art as one, making it the revolutionary city that it is. The outside of the pavilion will be constructed into “Korea Root” (in Hangul), and the inside will be consisting of 3 floors.

During that time, there will be a performance stage, a movie theater, Korean traditional music, B-Boys, Qing Opera and other high quality performances.
An estimate of 6 million people is expected to attend the event, and the financial investment is equally large, with the construction finished near late-March.

In order to leave everyone with a broader and richer impression of Korea, immensely popular TVXQ member, Jung Yunho, is currently in the process of shooting a promotional video. Korean celebrities that will attend the event include; Rain, Jang Na Ra, 2PM, Jo Su Mi, and other global stars.

(the rest is omitted)

Source: [asiae.co.kr + baidu tvxq]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
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