Bigeast Email: Bigeast Will Continues [060410]

April 6, 2010

Hello This is Bigeast Office.

We made a decision about the future Bigeast.

Also there’s a comment from the members so please take a look.

◆About the future Bigeast…
After getting many comments from everyone, Bigeast office had a meeting and decided to continue Bigeast.

To lose somewhere that the Bigeast members treasured and a place that bonds with the 5 would be very depressing for the Bigeast Office too. Also we’ve decided to continue Bigeast as a place the 5 can come back.

At the meeting what the biggest reason for Bigeast to continue is the passionate message from everyone saying “We want Bigeast to continue!”. We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you very much.

※Continuous of Bigeast has been decided but for the details (※1) there will be a meeting about it so we ask everyone to wait until the end of April.

(※1) Details…How to continue/Change of membership benefit/ Withdraw method (method on how to refund annual fee)


Member’s comment

“Every one in Bigeast, We’re sorry for making you all worried.
Right now each of us is going to work hard to grow so please support us in the future too.”




その協議の中でも、存続決定を大きく後押ししたのは、Bigeastの皆様からの「存続希望!」の熱いメッセージでした。心から感謝致します。本当にあり がとうございます。


◆ メンバーコメント◆
今はそれぞれが、それぞれの成長に向かって頑張っていきますので、これからも僕たちをよろしくお願いいたします。」 東方神起

2010/4 /6送信

Source: bigeast email
Trans: Rieko@sharingyoochun


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