Reader Request – From 류인, Cassiopeia

April 3, 2010

Pass this post, if you don’t want to read but a reader had requested to me to post this. It will encourage you because it encouraged me too.


This is my first and Hopefully its not the last for me to post a comment here in DBSKnights. I’m a Cassiopeian ever since 2003, when DBSK stood on the stage with the help from BoA. I celebrated their 6th Anni, and celebrated my own 6th Anni of being a DBSKHolic.

Frankly speaking, This news did not Trigger me much. Why? Not to mean that I’m not interested anymore, I’m just following and Respecting the path. In the first place, they mentioned of becoming a Successful singer. So it’s actually not surprising if they choose their Alternative ways to Complete this Dream of theirs. When a pair of wings are ready, it attempts to Fly itself.

“Tohoshinki will stop their activities as a group and please support their solo activities”.
– I find no ‘DISBAND’ nor ‘STOPPING FOREVER’ in this quote.

Keep in mind that the name is still under SM.Ent, so As long as no Official statement from them stating they’re Disbanding, they’ll Still be using “DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki” as much as possible in their Solo Activities, in Korea or Overseas. (Eg. Yunho’s using [DBSK] and [U-Know] in MJ’s Tribute.)

Each of the five boys stated that they’ll Come out one day and Explain everything. Did they come yet? No. So I choose to be patient, and will continue waiting.

We Don’t Know the Real Truth, and I don’t think we have the Need to, for I Took a step forward directly to their backs, Leveling with their Shoulders. I won’t put ALL THE Blame to SM.Ent, And I sincerely hope that the rest would do the same. Because it’s The Five’s choices to Fly.

DBSK is More than Just An Idol for me. I Found who I am from them, I Learned every single Singing Technique from them. I Love Music from them, and I confirmed myself of to be a Singer from them.

I Support all of them, Though Jung Yunho’s my Fav among all >.<. No Activities from DBSK? I support Tohoshinki. No Activities from Tohoshinki? I support Each of them, Individually.

Always Keep the Faith?

I, hereby to Declare.
I, Forever Keep the Faith.

credits: DBSKnights


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