ZE:A Leader Joon Young Doesn’t Just Look Like Micky Yoochun

March 28, 2010

Looks like Joon Young doesn’t just look like Micky Yoochun…

Apparently, during their Tokyo concert, Joon Young shed tears in front of everyone in the area as he and his members were overwhelmed by the turnout of the audience.
When news of this came out, netizens then commented that he reminded them of Yoochun more.
But Joon Young wasn’t alone in crying as his member, Hyung Shik, also cried with him.


Are you guys thinking of what I’m thinking?
Well, in case you’re not, I was just thinking about how much this reminded me of our boys’ performance of PROUD.
Yoochun cried first, and then Junsu followed, while Yunho was holding back his tears.
And the reason for their tears are the same. 🙂

I gotta say, Japanese fans truly are awesome.
They bring their favorite artists to tears. 😉

Anyway, there are a lot of things that remind us of DBSK these days
which just goes to show how much we love and miss them.

But like I said before, let’s not give in.
Let’s continue to stand strong and believe in them.
We all need to be together and here for them during these times.


Credits : allkpop.com
shared by: dbsknights + hanleidbsk


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