Tohoshinki – STEADY April 2010 Issue

March 22, 2010

*this is the magazine issue*

5 sets of footsteps, marking their 5th year since their debut. From their Japan debut, Tohoshinki have grown to be top stars in Asia. Behind their glory, they put in loads of hard work, fought past countless obstacles, and at the same time, they gave everyone courage and strength.

“Out of their Japan activities, ‘Best Selection 2010’ was filled with their countless thoughts and love.” – Takeiti Takako

Fans of Tohoshinki, as well as those who know them through ‘Best Selection 2010’, from the moment our magazine started selling, everyone should have been reminiscing your own memories while listening to the album repeatedly.

With each change of track, there is always a strangely clear scene of Tohoshinki’s image during the time when the song was released crossing their minds. This is the strength of music.

This maybe the album’s charm. I (T/N: the author of the article) am also listening to the album and reminiscing that particular scene while writing this article.

I first met them in 2004, when they were in their teens. The first question of the interview was “What is your favorite song?” Yunho chose ‘Hug’. They sung the english version of the song during their first visit to Japan. But in this album, the song is recorded in Japanese. This being their debut song in Korea, they are probably most comfortable singing it in Korean as the 5 of them had a hard time singing the song in Japanese. Holding a note filled with Korean explanations and Korean pronunciation sounds of the Japanese lyrics, the scene of them practice singing a language that they were not familiar with still seems so clear in my head.

Then, they were all into a state of depression where they have to stay in Japan for a long period of time, spending everyday studying Japanese, until the third single , “When we are able to tell the difference and the meaning of using ‘で’ and ‘が’ in a line from the lyrics, ‘君と夢で会えたら それだけ’で’いい それだけ’が’ いい’, I like Japanese!” – Jaejoong

With such emotions, they were able to understand the meanings of each sentence when minor changes of words were used.

While listening to this song, the happenings of a scene when Tohoshinki were filming came to mind.

At that time, Jaejoong, who injured his leg during dance practise, needed to use crutches to walk. There were photos of other members helped him throughout the whole ordeal. Due to bad blood circulation because of the injury, which caused swelling and pain, Jaejoong also had to tolerate it all and force wear the shoes prepared for the photoshoot. The interactions amongst them were all caught on the camera.

The summer after that, it was Yunho’s turn to get injured on the leg during TVXQ’s Malaysia concert, which led to his absence in Tohoshinki’s performance in the A-Nation tour then.

“That was around the time of the 7th single, . was our first single that got into the Oricon Weekly Charts! 6th! We were all very happy about it. But it was a pity that Yunho hyung was unable to perform with us on stage.” – Junsu

After every A-Nation performance, 4 of them will always give Yunho, who was admitted in Korea’s hospital, an overseas call, telling him everything that happened during the performance.

“Listening to the voices of the members gave me lots of strength. Really want to join them… It was really very hard, at that time.

Because there was such an experience, when the 5 of us reunited after a long time to perform (8th single, released Nov’2006), I felt happiness when we performed together.” – Yunho

That was really a very difficult period of time for Yunho. But it was these hardships that brought Tohoshinki a more profound friendship.

In such situations, Tohoshinki attracted many with a very deep dance song, . Their popularity in Japan started to rise. At the same time, due to their Korea activities, they became very busy.

‘s PV shooting took place in Korea due to their busy schedule.

Wanting to repay all those who gave the 5 of them love and happiness, they continued to work hard at any time, at anywhere.

“It is our mission to work hard in order not to let those who had hopes and faith in us disappointed.” – Jaejoong

With their continuous hard work and their fans to back them up, the single , which was released in June 2007, came in 2nd in the Oricon Charts.

They broke the record by having 5 continuous singles, following , coming in first on the Oricon charts, marking the unwavering popularity of Tohoshinki.

However, in May 2009, during the last rehearsal which took place on the eve of their 2nd nation-wide live tour, Junsu injured himself.

“I’ve also injured my leg once and due to that, I was unable to join the others in the concert in Thailand. At that time, I’m very thankful as the members worked extra hard for my sake.

I was also very frustrated with myself for being not able to join them in dancing. So I fully understand Junsu hyung’s frustrations and feelings. But that also strengthen our teamwork, and of course, showed our strength when we sing.” -Changmin

After this obstacle, came Tokyo Dome. While listening to there, tears started dropping unconsciously. Their harmonization was different from their usual way of singing it. Yunho’s bass harmonizing with Yoochun’s baritone in the first verse, Changmin’s High Tenor in the Chorus, Junsu’s wide vocal range and Jaejoong’s gentle voice, shocked everyone. Tohoshinki will most probably remember the red ocean that filled the audience during that performance for life.

“I was once afraid of standing on the stage. But when more and more people start to know Tohoshinki, the number of people treating us like family also increased. It is also due to everyone out there, we were able to work even harder.” – Yoochun

The songs that were included in this album, are sung while thinking of everyone out there. From the days they spent in Japan till now, plus the memories of those who love Tohoshinki, are the results of their activities in Japan.

I hope that with these songs in the album, together with Tohoshinki, will bring smiles and memories to everyone.

This, I bring to you, dear Tohoshinki fans.

Translation: suhanASHLEY @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


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