New Boy Group D-NA reminds people of DBSK?

March 20, 2010

Before you all say that no one can be is good as DBSK,
I just wanted to tell you that what most people said is that
their first single reminds them of DBSK’s first single, HUG.

You can watch their live performance here:

Other than the fact that there’s also five of them,
now, don’t you think the feel of the song is similar to our boys’ HUG?

So, D-NA stands for Dae Guk Nam Ah.
They sing and dance and can also sing a cappella. Hmmmm…..

Apparently, in a recent interview,
they said that they aspire to become the next TVXQ.
But before you all bash, please know that they are pretty humble as they admitted that
they have A LONG WAY TO GO before they can be in the same level as our boys.
Also that their idols are the members of TVXQ.

Btw, to those who are curious,
D-NA had their debut in Music Bank on March 5 this year.
So, yes…they’re REALLY REALLY NEW.
Other than that, they’re also really young!
Their youngest member is only 16 years old (western age)!

Check out their MV:

If you notice, their MV also bears a similarity to DBSK’s HUG MV.

I’ve spoken to a lot of DBSK fans about this and some of them confessed that
watching and listening to this group made them remember of DBSK’s younger years.
Some of them even cried. I got teary eyed.

Let’s admit it, we all MISS them.
We miss listening to them sing with their sweet, angelic voices.
We miss seeing them fool around in variety shows.
We miss seeing all those “making film” or behind the scenes videos,

But, let’s hold on and remember never to give in.


Credits: sharetherhythm + enchantedna.com
Shared by: DBSKnights
re-shared by: hanleidbsk


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