Kitagawa Eriko Blog Update [100310]

March 11, 2010

Long Dream
2010-03-10 18:54:51

I surely just had a long dream.
An elaborated, but long dream.

Nakano san who laughed next to me, Juri who cried as she finally greeted Eita after a long time.
Tamayama Tetsuji who also met Megumi Seki for the first time.

as well as I who finally met Jejung ever since in Korea.

There were everyone, and it’s a long dream.

When I woke up, I slept in my private room at Keio Hospital.


Today was the first meeting of all casts and staffs of “Sunao Ni Narenakute” drama.
There were 100 people in total… or around that amount. But there were so many people.

It felt like it was in Riyuu Miyagi (T/N: palace of Dragon God under the sea in Urashima Taro legend).

When Urashima Taro came back, and he opened the treasure box, all of sudden he became an old man.

As for me, I wrote everything about this drama until the very end, and as it turns to be a good one, I opened my treasure box, and all of sudden I become an old woman.

I was a bit blank all the time.

source: kitagawa eriko blog
trans: sharingyoochun.net
shared by: dbsknights + hanleidbsk


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