Junsu in Gaming center

March 7, 2010

This is the funny fanaccount of a lucky boy who met Junsu in Daegu.
“This is real!! Xiah Junsu was in the game center”

Hello, I’m a 20 years old boy from Daegu. I like ‘eyeting’ (silent netizen) and this is the very first time that I write an article. Just 30 minutes ago, I had to play games next to Xiah Junsu!! Today as always, I went to the health club and at 10pm I went to the gaming center. I took a seat next to someone, I was like “Oh, he looks like Xiah Junsu. Handsome.” and then I played my basketball game, because I like M.Jordan. I never thought (that one day) I would search for “Xiah Junsu” on the Nate portal, I saw that Mozart musical will be in Daegu in March, the 7th and 8th!!!” Since then, my heart began to th-thu-thum-thump! Ah, it’s really Xiah Junsu? So I reported to my friend on the internet. But I’m a timid one and didn’t know what to do. His manager spoke and joined to play Starcraft. Just then, Junsu said (to his manager) “Hyung, can we use bionical? Let’s do this!”
So I thought it might not be true. I blink my eyes and I was staring at the monitor and searching for Mozart musical. Then I was so excited that I ran to the counter and asked the part-time student for a A4 sheet. (-random convo with friend-)
Once again, I went to spy Xiah Junsu. Even if the manager is here, I have to talk to him. And that’s what I did.

Me: “Are you Xiah Junsu?”
JS: “Hmm… yeah!”
Ahah this is Xiah Junsu by my side! This is the confirmation!
Me: “Please, can I have your autograph?”
JS: “Yes (laugh) what is your name?”
Me: “It’s ….”
JS: (writting down my name) “Here is”.
Me: “Thank you!”
After I received that, he stayed 10minutes to play the game and then left out to take his car. I then realized what happened and called a friend, all excited. Xiah Junsu has such good manners!
Thank you Xiah Junsu for giving me this (signature)!! I’ll be forever you fan! Fighting!

Source: “으아기분쨰진”@nate.com
Trans: Kenoa@sharingyoochun.net


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  1. OMG!!!! he s sooooo lucky!!!
    thx 4sharin

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