A-STAR Magazine Top 5 Idols Who Left The Deepest Impression [030310]

March 6, 2010

A-STAR EXTRA MAGAZINE VOL.4/2010 – The Idol that left the deepest impression
This is the impression that Korean idols have left on the staff of A-STAR magazine. (This is based on meetings with them, press conferences, interviews or any form of business experience)

T/N: The use of “stupid” here refers to him being a little foolish, cute and naive.

TOP 5, #1! Jaejoong – “Stupid” but polite

Because every time we meet him, there is a quite a distance between us yet I don’t know why Jaejoong has left such a deep impression. However, his cute image always shines in front of me.
In order to protect his mysterious image, he doesn’t speak much but he would usually do some cute and “stupid” things out of a sudden.

When we just started talking, his deep language would always leave a deep impression on us. For example, when we were talking about pink wristbands (Thais wear these wristbands to show their loyalty to the king), Jaejoong said he would also wear them too so he would look like a Thai. This is the reason why he would always the two wristbands when he’s in Thailand.

Also, when he’s looking at food, he looks slowly from the left to the right and then from the right to the left as if he wants to treasure every single moment he has with the food. Then, he would smile at us or stick out his tongue or just laugh without any reason.

Every time he comes to Thailand, he would pay attention to one thing, and that is riding elephants! This is also a form of respect for Thais.

It is all these small little things that deepens his impression on us.

Source: [heyjj] + [hato]
Translations: thesexy-orange@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net


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