Murata Mari blog entry – the Popteen model who interviewed Yunho

March 1, 2010

Blog entry from the Popteen model Murata Mari who interviewed Yunho

Finally…the day i can say this came!!
I’m sure there are people who know this already but…
a miracle happened.

I was able to meet Tohoshinki’s leader Yunho-san(>_<)!!!!
Seriously it’s a miracle!!
I’m the one who is the most surprised.
I did say that I wanted to see him
but it was just a dream and it was a dream I wanted it to come true
but you don’t think that the dreams really going to come true…
When I was asked to be the interviewer I seriously screamed.
The day of the interview I had to take the taxi alone but I was so nervous that I got off at a place I don’t even know.
dreams…do come true (;_;)
And whats funny is that on page 91 i was talking with Kumiko that I want to meet yunho *laughs*
it was a few days after that. I really think that this is the biggest miracle that will happen in my life *laughs*

It’s really rare that a fan can interview like this.
so I really wanted to talk about what people want to know, what people what to hear,and what people want to tell him but I was so nervous that day I don’t even remember what i talked about *laughs*
I was soo nervous until the article was made. Worried if I didnt say something weird *laughs*
When I saw the article, it was what I thought it would be like.
I can tell I was nervous *laughs*
but there was one thing I wanted to tell Yunho no matter what.
I wanted to tell him how much just Tohoshinki being here can make people happy.
And thats not just people in Japan, of course the Tohoshinki fans in Korea,China,Taiwan,other Asian countries, and everyone all around the world probably feels like that.
So please smile now and forever.
I said something that it doesnt make sense *laughs*
but I thought that is something that everyone wanted to tell them.
I dont know if I was able to tell him completely but I know thats what I wanted to tell him so I remember *laughs*
In me Tohoshinki, Yunho is someone that I look up to as an entertainer and as one person.
I respect him. I can’t laugh here.
After meeting him of course i became a bigger fan and i really felt that i can respect all of him.
I will cheer Tohoshinki and UKnow/Yunho forever!!
Thank you for the precious time.

I guess dreams really do come true *laughs*
It’s a Miracle-!!!

Credit: chara1019
Trans by: sharingyoochun.net


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