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Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog Update [310310]

March 31, 2010

2010-03-30 23:17:19

To ToJaeTen members.
I found that I was mishearing Jaejoong’s andユチュン’s voice. (T/N: Yoochun. The correct Japanese spelling and pronuciation should be ユチョン. Kitagawa-sensei has made a mistake and misspelled Yoochun’s name here)
Looking at the PV.

Coming back (from the Twitter), my first greeting are this…

Many have said that they cannot follow the Twitter,
so for the time being, I will write in both the blog and the Twitter.
Maybe, I should be tired. Of the Twitter. (Controversial remarks. But I’m serieous.)

By the way, was it Apri 12?
Is there a person here who won the lottery for the “Sunaoni Narenakute” preview event, celebrating the first completion of the drama?
I myself will participate.
Will someone be there?

2010-03-31 00:31:49

ユチョン(T/N: Yoochun). Is ユチョンcorrect?
Jaejoong once gave me false information, after that, I always get mixed up.
ユチョン. OK, I’ve got it.


2010-03-31 00:49:08

Reading your comments

I could find only one person who won the lottery for the drama preview here.
Highly competitive.
Will there be additional announcements?
I was told about this only yesterday.
It was like a lighthearted joke,
“Kitagawa-san, can you come?”

There seemed to be the fanclub and FujiTV limited number of seatings
They didn’t give me any fixed numbers. (I have the mumps)
I wanted some ameblo (T/N: Kitagawa’s blog) numbers. Yes.

Oh, but it’s OK.

My sentences may be bizarre for the time being.
I was on the Twitter all day.
From now on, I will go to and fro.

I am now in the world of miniseries, so I am not able to write long sentences.
I do not have extra capacity in my head to write comprehensive sentences.
There are many that I want to write about. As my daughter’s graduation ceremony.
(T/N: Kitagawa’s daughter Non-chan has just graduated from the primary school this March)

I will try to memorize them. And write.

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“Splendid Acheivement!” “First Time in 31 Years!”

March 30, 2010

Broke The History of Billy Joel and Mariah Carey


Korean group of five, TVXQ accomplished a splendid achievement for the first time in 31 years. Their 30th single “Toki wo Tomete” which is released last week on the 24th made the first place of the single ranking with 195,000 pieces in sales.

Also on the 4/5 week raking at Oricon, their new album “TVXQ NONSTOP – MIX VOL.2″ entered the third place of the album ranking with 38,000 sales. Both with their single and album sale, TVXQ recorded TOP 3 at the same timeline.

For both single and album sales to be the top 3 in the ranking in Japan by the overseas artist was achieved 15 years 3 months ago by Mariah Carey’s “Lover’s Christmas” (single ranking/third place) & “Merry Christmas” (Album ranking/first place) in 1995.

For the male foreign artist, it is the first time after 31 years 8 months which was achieved by Billy Joel on 07/31/1978, with his single and album, “Stranger” (single ranking/ third place) & “Stranger” (LP/third place).

TVXQ’s first place acquisition of their single piece is the second time this year, after their single piece “BREAK OUT!” which was released this January, and it is the continuation in a series of eight first places in total by TVXQ. (*Their eight single pieces made top/number one in sales ranking in Japan.)

Their single piece “Toki wo Tomete” which was released last month on the 17th is single cut music from their best album “BEST SELECTION 2010″.

In addition, their album “TVXQ NONSTOP – MIX VOL.2″ is their second re-mixture album following “TVXQ NONSTOP – MIX VOL.1″ which was released in 2007. “TVXQ NONSTOP – MIX VOL.2″ includes, “Doshite Kimi wo Sukininatte Shimattandaro”, and “Beautiful You”, etc.

Always Keep The Faith!

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MUSIC ON! TV Top 20 [280310]

March 30, 2010

Number 1 goes to…..

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News – A Tribute BAND FROM MJ’s THIS IS IT movie and U-Know Live [290310]

March 30, 2010

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Spring Break Picnic Fan Meetup in Mexico

March 30, 2010

this event will take place this weekend at Parque Fundidora, starting since 1pm, and is open for everyone in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico that wants to attend.

for more information they can go here:  tvxqmtymexico


TVXQ Xiah Junsu Showed Infinite Love to Junho (ZUNO) at China Showcase

March 30, 2010

Junho’s (ZUNO, real name Kim Junho) twin brother TVXQ Xiah Junsu showed his love for his brother by participating at China showcase.

On the 28th, Junho left for China and held his first successful showcase at ‘Beijing Chaoyang Gymnasium’. On that day, through his ‘Nothing to Lose’ showcase, Junho had his first singing stage. After self-introduction, with his dancers he proceed to do a sexy dance and by watching the routines, you can see his hidden talents.

At the showcase also appeared Xiah Junsu, who showed his infinite love for his brother as he was holding Junho on the stage. After performing ‘The Greatest Love of All’ to celebrate the singing debut of his brother, he conveyed a message from the stage, “I’m so proud of my brother. I hope he could freely shows his passion and energy for everyone.”

The showcase also revealed a video message of Junho telling the fans, “Because the love from all fans who have been waiting for me, I could stand all the hard times. To appreciate your sincerity, I will give my best efforts.”

Meanwhile, Junho 28th China showcase ‘Nothing to Lose’ rang the signal to open further overseas promotions. Starting from China, they also plan to continue promotion to Japan, Singapore, and all around Asia.

Source: Economic Daily


Junsu accepts interview with Sohu

March 29, 2010

Sohu: As your first Solo, musical Mozart was very successful, through the process, have you learned anything or have any feelings?

Junsu: Thank you. This is my first challenge in musicals, it was entirely different, I was very nervous and very worried. Thank goodness I got to work with a lot of experienced actors, so we successfully completed it, I am very happy.

Sohu: Right now is spring, and Junsu easily gets allergic to pollen, how are you feeling now days?

Junsu: Recently allergy reactions have appeared, so to everyday I drink a lot of water, and would wear a mask.

Sohu: Remember in a Japanese interview, Junsu said you liked Coconut trees, is it because coconut trees doesn’t have any pollen?

Junsu: Ah, after you put it this way, coconut trees does have this advantage!

Sohu: Really, coconut tries gives people a warm felling, is it because you like this feeling?

Junsu: Really the reason why I like coconut trees is because in Korea, except for Jeju, its hard to see coconut trees. If I go abroad and sees coconut trees I would think “right now I’m really abroad”, that feeling is very strong! Compared to city scenery, I like oceans, and warm sunshine, so when I see coconut trees, I would feel very comfortable. And I think out of all types of trees, coconut trees are the prettiest (laughs).

Sohu: Because there haven’t been a lot of announced activities, and we realize your current situations caused a lot of restrictions, Chinese fans wish to know what you have been doing recently.

Junsu: I will release a solo single in Japan, right now most of the basic preparations have been completed, we are at the end of production. Recently, I put all of my heart into preparing this new single.

Sohu: What kind of expectations do you you have with your solo single? Like getting first place on Oricon charts?

Junsu: There may be that possibility, but right now in Japan there are a lot of talented singers and the competition is tough, so I wont let “getting first place on Oricon charts” be my goal, I just want to show of my talent, my style, and my music. When everyone listens to the single, they would feel “Oh, its very Xiah (Junsu)’s style!”, then I would be very satisfied.

Sohu: Returning the topic to your brother, this time for composing Junho’s single, you are a talented composer yourself, did you join? Do you have any wishes or hopes for Junho’s activities in China?

Junsu: During the recording process, and after, my brother would ask for my advice, even after recording, he would let me listen first, when he practice dancing, I would go watch him a lot. I think my brother (as singer) performed very well, and he is very serious about his work, I really hope he will prosper in the future, I will continue supporting him.

Sohu:Since you are experienced in the music field, do you have anything to say to your brother who is a newcomer?

Junsu: Ah, actually I (as a singer) am still developing, there are still many flaws… But as a more experienced singer, I want to say, he must have the self confidence and think “standing on this stage, I am be best.” With this kind of confidence, everyone can see when your perform, I think this is one aspect a celebrity can’t not miss. When I saw my brother perform, his dance songs were very good, I am very proud of him.

Sohu: Yunho, Jaejoong, Changmin all have experiences in acting in dramas, have you ever thought of acting?

Junsu: Even though I haven’t acted in a drama, but through musical, I have been challenged in acting. Of course the musical involved both acting and singing skills, so I had a very fitting role. To act in a drama, I would love the challenge, but I would need to gain more experience in acting. And comparatively, my goals right now are more music oriented, and I want to prosper in that aspect. I have more talent in the music aspect that I haven’t showed everyone, and I hope everyone will see more development from me in the music area. So regarding acting, I will wait. However, if there’s a fitting opportunity, I will welcome the challenge.

Sina: Then have you ever thought about acting as the main actor?

Junsu: Main actor or supporting actor, as long as it suits me then its fine.

Sohu: Regarding your acting career, have you thought about pursing it?

Junsu: Just like I said earlier, first thing is put in all my effort for the Japanese solo single activities. Then in may, I hope to watch the World Cup…… (smiles)

Sohu: Have you thought about switching your activities abroad? Maybe like Junho, having your showcase in China?

Junsu: Until now, our activities have been mostly in Korea and Japan, so our opportunities of coming to China have been small, regarding this, everyone is sad. If there is a chance in the future, when we can stay in China and not leave (smiles), of course we will use music to repay our Chinese fans. Also, I believe there will be that day.

Sohu: Lastly through our video, say something to your Chinese fans!

JUnsu: Today through my brother’s showcase, I got to be united with everyone. First of all, I feel very sorry to everyone, truthfully I missed all of you, please wait a little longer. I honestly hope everyone will be happy and healthy. Also, I hope to be in front of everyone again, sing for you all, not (like today) sing just one song. Please wait with me for the arrival of that day, and thank you all for your love to me.

Junsu’s interview video will be broadcast soon, hope fans can wait patiently.

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