TVXQ mentioned in the Mexican Radio

February 27, 2010

Basically they asked who DBSK is, how did she get to know them. They also asked what was the Korean cheer that they heard so much on the World Soccer Cup Korea/Japan. They asked where could more people investigate about them and stuff like that. After finishing the interview they said that it was freshly interesting to hear this kind of musical proposal. Then they leave Mirotic till the end without talking so the listeners get to appreciate it better (this doesn’t appear in the youtube link)

Although the youtube link only has the part of the interview. They did keep talking about them.

After Mirotic was finished, commercials came, and after commercials; they continue talking about DBSK and the amazing response they where having as soon as they played it. All this was said while “Wrong number” was playing in the back. They were surprised that they where so popular in Mexico and thanked for the wide response.

They continue their news program and at the end of it they decided to put another song of TVXQ. This time it was “Break Out”

Credits: forsanostra [soompi]
Source: http://proudfanclub.blogspot.com/
Shared by: DBSKnights


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