Xiah Junsu, “When I first received the proposal to act in Mozart!, I hesitated” [210210]

February 23, 2010

“It is because of everyone’s love that I can be where I am now. Thank you.”

Xiah Junsu, who debuted on the musical stage with Mozart!, gave the audience a heartfelt thanks during the credits roll at the Seoul Cultural Centre on the 20th.

His words were, “It has really been a long time since I last talked to the fans like this. I truly am very happy.” He added, “Frankly, before agreeing to do this, some bad things happened. So when I first received the invitation to perform, I hesitated and was in a dilemma,” finally saying the words he had hidden in his heart for so long.

He also said, “However, after I decided to perform in this musical, all the staff, actors and choir here helped me like a true family would, enabling me to stand on this stage,” and smiled saying, “I hope in the future I will be able to act out a better Mozart.”

The audience gave a thunderous applause and loud cheering to the unexpected surprise during the ending of Xiah Junsu’s performance. This welcomed the newborn moment of “Musical Idols” in Korea’s cultural world.

Xiah Junsu also sang the closing song with heartfelt emotions, after which all the actors made heart signs above their heads, a display of thanks to the audience. Some members of the audience were teary-eyed as they were moved by the musical and couldn’t bear to leave. After the performance ended and all the lights were switched off, the audience was still immersed in Xiahzart, and could not leave their seats.

With an exceptional level of feeling, he immersed himself in the character, displaying his own emotions and acting out a whole new Mozart.

In today’s performance, Xiah Junsu, like in other venues, still gathered all the strength he had to passionately sing and act out a perfect performance until the very last moment. In 140 minutes, he enjoyed the stage fully. The apprehension from the past disappeared; it enhanced his own interpretation of Mozart.
Although this is his debut piece, he naturally led the stage from the start. Following the tone of his voice, Mozart became a comedy at times, and during others, a tragedy. Controlling the stage, as well as the 3022-strong audience was his power – this can be said to be similar to the scale of the original Austrian production.

The Mozart who cries in despair, the Mozart who longs for love and freedom, and the Mozart who has torn jeans and long, disheveled hair, was once again perfectly presented. He used confident and vivid expression to depict the life of a musical prodigy. It is also for that reason that the audience find it easy to be immersed in the musical.

The hostile outside environment, the internal confusion, and struggle let the audience feel the real tension. His unique naïvety, romance, and cheer eased the relationship with the actress. His extraordinary ability to adjust, and the ability to match the other actors gave a wonderful performance.
The smallest pants and shaking of the hand let everyone have a realistic view of the musical prodigy’s feelings, and the ability to immerse into the role lets this piece of work become richer and more realistic.

“I am music”… Mozart’s confession is also Xiah Junsu’s confession

All the problems during the first half of the musical for 15 performances, and this time’s predicament of not being able to present the lyrics to a satisfactory extent, were already solved. Junsu was not singing mechanically; instead he was immersed in his own feelings to Mozart’s new compositions. Through this phenomenon, we can see how much work Junsu put in.

Junsu uses his soulful voice to evoke the audiences’ emotions. Through this display of sound, he became one with the audience. With the help of the 33-strong accompaniment, he became evidently more charismatic.

The audience’s energy, he was not idol singer Kim Junsu anymore. The original producer Sylvester, who was at the scene scrutinizing Junsu, raised his thumb to show his approval and satisfaction at Junsu’s perfect performance. The complete selling out of tickets, and the full seating can no longer be used to prove Junsu’s popularity; the fans in the audience’s cheers and praise says everything.

“My music is my master.”
“I want to continue my own journey!”
“I only like the way I look now.”

Of course, Mozart’s confession in his music, is also Junsu’s self-confession.

Source: XIAHKINGohmynews
Translation: faithintvxq @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!


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