Idol Power Heavily Shown on Stages

February 22, 2010

Xiah Junsu ‘Musical Mozart!’ Daegu Perfomance More Than 10,000 Viewers
Ticket offices in Daegu were jammed up again when tickets of the musical that Xiah Junsu is acting in (Mozart!) were up for purchase. The organizer’s report shows that a week before Mozart!’s official performance, the audience already surpassed 10,000 people. During the period of time when the entertainment world is on a slump, the fact that ticket sales can surpass 10,000 before its official performance is something that many can dub a miracle.


Among the performing venues which are selling tickets – Daegu, Busan and Changwon – Xiah Junsu will only be performing at Daegu, causing the city’s performances to have extraordinary popularity. Many musical fans say that “Xiah Junsu’s ‘Mozart!” has gotten good reviews for its singing and acting aspects in Seoul. We believe that the performance in Daegu ‘will be even more perfect,’ hence showing their anticipation for the performance.

The Musical World’s “Scary Box-Office Power of Idols”
Although many idols borne of idol groups have been acting in musicals recently, the musical ‘Mozart!’ (which will end at Sejong Cultural Centre’s Grand Theatre on the 21st), is still really shocking many in the performance sector. Cassiopeian’s ticket-buying war already became a hot topic earlier, and also attracted a general audience.
Xiah Junsu’s performances broke people’s biased opinions of ‘idol stars’ with his natural singing and acting skills which got many good reviews. On the organizer’s side, “Although this is Xiah Junsu’s first encounter with musicals and acting, he gave a perfect performance which was much better than what was expected of him.” He also said with satisfaction, “Following Seoul, Daegu’s box office was also very successful. Many people who watched the musical in Seoul will watch it again in Daegu.”

Xiah Junsu’s Musical Mozart! Local Performances and Popularity are Both as Explosive
Xiah Junsu, who debuted into the musical world through this piece of work and broke people’s biased opinions of idols, garnered many good reviews through his good singing skills and numerous perfect performances.
Xiah Junsu, through Mozart!, “dispelled everybody’s biased opinions and worries, each performance perfects his acting and singing skills, and getting more good reviews.”
Xiah Junsu’s good reviews have gotten Mozart!’s Daegu performances more attention.

Idol Power Heavily Shown on Stage
Idols’ success on stage makes the performance sector agree that they are hot stocks. Even though there were many idols going into the musical sector before, it was not always a success. Interpark, which is in charge of publicity, said “Not everybody who acts in musicals has such power over box office sales” and analysed that “Musicals like ‘Mozart!, where the idol only has his own talents and special traits, and is able to show the audience performances above expectations and move them in a phenomenal way, are the driving forces behind box-offices.”

Translation: faithintvxq @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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