HMV TVXQ Awareness Survey [090210]

February 9, 2010
TVXQ Awareness Survey given to around 3800 HMV users. TVXQ’ charm divided between “Teamwork (36.9%)” and “Vocal talent (34.1%)”! 48% of fans spend 2~3 hours on TVXQ-related activities every day! The most times one fan visited Korea was 40!

TVXQ will be releasing their first best album “BEST SELECTION 2010” on February 17th. To commemorate the release, HMV Japan Corporation used HMV ONLINE (http://www.hmv.co.jp) and HMV MOBILE (http://m. hmv.co.jp) to ask approximately 3800 HMV users on their awareness of TVXQ with a “TVXQ Awareness Survey“(http://www.hmv.co.jp/pr/tohofan/).

Super group TVXQ debuted in Japan in 2005 and became top artistes there. 98% of the survey takers were women, so the results were heavily biased towards females. However, the age of the survey takers ranged from those in their teens to those in their fifties, proving that TVXQ had a fandom that crossed over generations. It was voted that TVXQ’s biggest charms that sucked in fans was “Teamwork” (36.9%) and “Vocal talent” (34.1%). “Good looks” only made up 1.3% of all the answers.

The main method in which people found out about TVXQ was “TV” (60.0%); other answers included “Through their CM songs”, “Through their drama opening songs” and “Because Sekine Tsutomu recommended them”. Regarding time spent on TVXQ-related activities, the majority said they spent 2~3 hours every day on such activities (48.4%). However, 5.1% stated that they spent at least 10 hours on TVXQ related activities every day. A large portion of the survey takers replied that they found out about TVXQ “Online” (38.4%); other answers included “TV”, “Magazines” or “From a friend or someone I know” which showed that ‘word of mouth’ was quite effective for TVXQ.

Also, the majority of the fans were deeply interested in Korea with one fan visiting Korea 40 times. 76.3% of survey takers were interested in K-POP other than TVXQ. According to data from HMV Japan, many people who buy TVXQ related goods also buy goods by (in order of quantity) Shinhwa, Big Bang and Arashi. This was backed up in the survey when many said that they also liked Big Bang (15.5%), Super Junior, SS501, SHINee and other K-POP idol groups as well as Japanese artistes such as EXILE and Arashi.

For the question “What is something you cannot live without, almost as much as TVXQ?” in the free response section, many showed interest in music (24.0%) with answers like “iPod”, “K-POP”, “Live” while others showed their interest in Korean culture other than K-POP with replies such as “Korean” and “Korean food”. It may be because of the fact that the information exchange between family and friends has improved, but some fans were seen writing “Family” and “Friends” as well.

Source: [Wow!Korea+DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net


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