Fans’ Q&A on Cool Magazine [070210]

February 7, 2010

Dong Bang Shin Ki Cuts on Cool轻音乐 Magazine.
Cool轻音乐 is a popular magazine among the Chinese, publishing the latest information and updates on Japan’s and Korea’s music.

Music industry – Singer Category
Question: “My Favourite Super Idol in 2009”
Answer/Result: Number One – Tohoshinki


  • “Their performance at the Tokyo Dome has proven everything. Even though things were a mess during the second half of the year, they will always be the super idol in our hearts, no matter how their future will turn out to be.”
  • “Even though I’m not a Cassiopeia, the things that happened to Tohoshinki during the year 2009 had touched me in many different ways. While dealing with the lawsuit against their agency, they are strong to fight even though there is sadness; it required much courage. To me, they are a success. I’m touched by their fighting spirit and also by the power of Cassiopeia.”
  • “Even though they did not release an album in Korea during 2009, their influential power is still very strong.”

Music industry – Song
Question: The ringtone that I do not wish to change among all ‘Hit Songs’ in 2009.
Answer/Result: Number One – Why did I fall in love with you by Tohoshinki

Drama industry
Question: Felt that his/her acting skill is good, but problem lies with the script is?
Answer/Result: Number One – Jung YunHo

Fans’ Unlimited Imagination
Question: If I’m a stylist, I would like to style _____ into a dreamy image.

  • “I would like to style Tohoshinki with reggae braids and Mohawks to give them a tough-guy look.”
  • “I would like to style JunSu into Teletubbies.”
  • “I would like to style Tohoshinki and Super Junior into ‘Watermelon Heads’ (with bangs), and make them sit in a row.”

Question: I’m the PD, I would like ___ + ___ to collaborate.

  • Kim JaeJoong + Kim HyunJoong
    “With these two, I’m sure there will be laughter and gossip.”
  • Kim HeeChul + Kim JaeJoong + Lee JunKi + Lee TaeMin
    “Pretty boys’ gathering!!”
  • Kim JaeJoong + Kim HeeChul + Kim HyunJoong
    “Just the look itself is more than enough. If they are to form a band, it will be one with angel faces and wild-beast style.”
  • RAIN + Jung YunHo + Se7en + Park JaeBum + Jang WooHyuk (H.O.T) + M
    “The big gathering of all Dancing Kings from different generations. Aside from the normal dance battles, it will be great to see them move to some girl band’s dance steps; for example, Wonder Girls’ (song and dance) which I’m sure will be sexy and hot.”
  • Tohoshinki + Super Junior
    “Like to see them playing together as one backstage, and also see their tacit with each other.”
  • Tohoshinki + H.O.T
    “Wish to see them once again.”
  • Kim HyunJoong + Kim JaeJoong + TOP
    “Wish to see these three good friends together and HyunJoong imitating the both of them.”
  • Kim JunSu + Park YooChun + Kim JaeJoong + Shim ChangMin + Jung YunHo
    “Wish to see them back onstage in Korea, singing and dancing again.”

*T/N. Only DBSK-related parts were translated.

Source: Cool轻音乐 365 Issue
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }


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