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JaeChun on FM Yokohama tre-sen [240909]

September 30, 2009

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Tohomobile Special Site for Tokyo Dome DVD [300909]

September 30, 2009

Continue from yesterday’s Junsu’s Q&As. Today is Changmin’s turn.

Changmin’s Q&A:
Although he’s the youngest, Changmin was the most serious member during the MC corner. He shined with his manliness on stage♪

1. What was the most touching scene for you?
CM: When everyone changed their penlights’ color.

2. Please tell us one of your embarrassing moments.
CM: This time I didn’t have any ^^

3. What food did you think was the most delicious on tour?
CM: Gyutan [T/N: a Japanese food that is made from grilled beef tongue]

4. What is one song that has left a great impression on you?
CM: “Secret Game”. It’s a very appropriate song for the opening of the tour.

Special Corner – Memorial songs from the tour:

This time they had fans who attended the concert vote for their most memorial songs from the tour via emails and messages.

1. Stand by U. Reasons given included “the heartrending feelings that this song has conveyed”, “the song is related to past experience” and of course “the surprised penlight project in Tokyo Dome”.
2. Bolero. Reasons given – “it is a powerful song that overwhelmed the stage”, “it’s the encore song of the tour and it has left a very strong memory” and “the amazing harmonization of 5 members”
3. Begin. Reasons given – “Yoochun’s piano”, “Yoochun’s piano and the 5 members’ harmonization” and “the live piano performance has moved me”
4. Love in the Ice
5. Wasurenaide
6. Jumon – MIROTIC
7. Somebody To Love
8. Heart, Mind and Soul
9. Kiss The Baby Sky
10. TAXI

And today is also Tohomobile’s 2nd anniversary. Wow, that’s a long time!

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JEJUNG and YUCHUN Reigns in Today’s Oricon Daily Chart [300909]

September 30, 2009


(Source: Oricon
Image: josebiwasabi)

JEJUNG and YUCHUN, Tohoshinki’s one and only “unit,” takes the top spot in today’s Oricon Daily Chart. They sold a whopping 103,940 copies of their single “COLORS ~Melody and Harmony / Shelter.” The gap between the first and second place is quite big, with VAMPS selling only 13,962. Kawamura Ryuuichi is at third with 6,521 copies sold.
Let us cross our fingers for the continuous success of this single. Always keep the faith!

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[October] Download Section

September 30, 2009

Sticky Post for this month..^^




Jaejoong & Yoochun [Oricon Site] || Download
Yunho – W Korea Magazine Scans (Part 1-2) || Download
Yunho – Nylon Magazine Spread for Evisu (Part 1) || Download
Heading To The Ground OST CD Jacket Photos || Download
Yunho – W Korea Magazine Scans (Part 3-4) || Download
Yunho – Nylon Magazine Spread for Evisu (
Part 2) || Download
Tohoshinki – Piano Sheet Collection (scans) || Download
Yunho – High Cut Magazine Photo scans || Download


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fgst coverht2g
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Jaejoong & Junsu – You’re My Bride (MP3 Rip) || Download
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The Secret of the Drama Title “Heading to the Ground” From “The Wonders of Drama” of “I Want to Know This Point About Korean Dramas!” [280909]

September 30, 2009

Tohoshinki is said to have 800,000 to 1,000,000 members in their fanclub “Cassiopeia.” Yunho, one of Tohoshinki’s members, is now challenging for his first drama, “Heading to the Ground.” At the start, the program’s ratings were rather low, but it seems to be gradually increasing. Since Tohoshinki is very popular in Japan, and one of the members is starring in the drama, we believe that it will be aired in Japan; and so we focused on its title.

Just for the time being, the Japanese title of the drama is translated to “Jimen ni Heading” (T/N: Heading to the Ground) from the original “Maen Ttang e Heading.” But some of the Japanese media are stating the title as “Do One’s Best.”


(Maen Ttang e Heading)

Let’s verify the above Hangul alphabets:
[Maen] means “nothing”
[Ttang] means “earth” or “ground”
[e] means the particle “to”
So, if we translate it literally, it means “Heading to the Ground.” And if we use this as the title, it will sound odd.

This phrase is often used in Korea, and it means “All efforts came to nothing” or “Reckless faith.” And there is one more meaning: “Challenge to the impossible.”

Especially in Korea, where the triumph spirits are high, it seems that the phrase is mainly used by the latter meaning. There is even a book published with the title “23 Years Old. Challenge to the Impossible” by Yung Su-yong. This was a study-abroad essay written by a Korean girl, studying in Australia, who couldn’t speak English.

This time, Cha Bong-Goon (Yunho) is aiming to be the Korean soccer representative from a soccer team that was dissolved. So we think that the correct title of the drama should be the same as that of the book introduced above. Thus, the title should not be “Do One’s Best,” but rather, it should be with a bit of a stronger nuance which shows the challenging spirits. We are interested whether or not the title will be changed when the drama is aired in Japan.

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WOW!! 180,000 Copies! A Marvelous Figure was Recorded! [300909]

September 30, 2009


A marvelous figure was recorded! First shipment is worth about 180,000 copies of CDs.laugh.gif

“The Highest Ever!” in the history of TVXQ’s CDs’ first shipments!!

The first unit formed by TVXQ is really sensational!!

The number of total downloads for the ringtone and full ringtone, etc.
which began a step earlier than the CD release in the beginning of September,
has already exceeded 250,000 downloads.
The number of the shipments of the CD reached 180,000 copies on the 29th of September 2009!

The new song by “Jejung and Yuchun” has the all-time highest number of copies of the initial shipment
in which a current figure is repainted since the Japan debut of TVXQ in April 2005.
Through their 24 CD releases until “Stand by you.”

Releasing this song through a CD was decided after their Tokyo Dome performance last July this year,
and a large number of fans requested the release of “COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~”
composed by Jejung and Yuchun, saying that
“I wanted to deliver this song we created to our fans.”


JJ: About the unit activity,
“It’s fresh and different since there has been always five of us until now.
New respect can be seen as two. However, it’s lonely, l ike the time
when we were taking pictures and the other members weren’t there with us.
When we exchange looks, we feel bit shy.

YC: “New respect” (koshi) is necessary for “me” (noodle).
His joke made us laugh, and he said,
“I would like our work as two to be a plus factor when we actively work as five people (again),”
with a smile in his face.

“4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~The Secret Code~ FINAL in TOKYO DOME” DVD
will be put on sale on the same day on the 30th. Initial shipment is 180,000 copies,
and the record of EXILE (350,000 shipments) that raises sales
of this year’s highest record for DVDs seems to be in their reach. ^^

No one can stop the rising power of TVXQ!

By: Daily Sports News Paper:

Source: Daily Sports News
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Fans Turn Into Consumer Activists [300909]

September 30, 2009


By Bae Ji-sook
Staff Reporter

Park Jin-young, president of JYP Entertainment, made an official statement on Sept. 17 to explain his stance regarding Park Jae-beom, the former leader of the uber-popular boy band 2PM. The briefing was an inevitable measure in the face of the aggressive activism from 2PM fans.

It was the band’s loyal fans – who have printed advertisements in newspapers and are threatening to boycott 2PM-related products and items – that pushed him to make a reluctant speech over Jae-beom, who left the band after negative comments he made about Korea four years ago were made public.

However, Park is about to make another big decision as unsatisfied fans are asking him to disclose the singer’s working contract.

The fans also continue to release newspaper advertisements calling for Jae-beom’s reinstatement, in which they allude to a potential boycott of TV and other programs involving 2PM until the music tycoon takes back the member.

The world of fandom is changing rapidly. Gone are the days when they were mere consumers of pop culture. They are now the largest influence in the field, able to “solve the problems on their own.”

This is a long way from the image of fans screaming or crying in front of their favorite stars’ residences.

“They are quite frank about what they want and know how to get it,” online showbiz critic Fiancee said.

“They have realized that they do have power over their stars. They make statements, hold protests and write appealing letters to reporters, industry insiders and others. They are becoming a ‘political power’ in a way,” she said.

A while ago, SM Entertainment, which represents the boy band Super Junior, planned to hire a Chinese member for the band to woo the Chinese market. Consequently, angry fans gathered in front of the headquarters every second Saturday to protest the decision.

The company later withdrew the announcement, saying they “respect the fans, who are the biggest assets to Super Junior.”

Fan clubs are now boycotting SM products because they canceled concerts at which TVXQ was scheduled to appear.

“This is our time to show SM that we are more than passive stance,” a fan said.

This is the case not only with the fans of singers.

When it was announced that the MBC cult hit “Tamnaneundoda” (Tamra, the Island) was wrapping up on Sept. 27, far earlier than the originally planned date of Oct. 11, fans held an online campaign to urge the station to withdraw the decision.

Kim Mi-kyeong, one of the cast members, said in an interview that it was the first time she had felt such intimacy with her fans. “The fans would bring snacks, try to encourage us and make every detail of the drama an issue so that the station could give it a second thought. I never imagined in my life that fans would act to influence a TV drama,” she said.

“This is a new wave of the consumer’s rights movement. They stand for the entertainer’s rights and their own rights against an offensive and cold capitalism,” Kim Seong-su, another culture critic, said.

But in some cases, the depth of the fans’ affection is becoming aggressive and offensive to others.

Fans of G-Dragon, the lead singer of Big Bang, bombarded the Web site of the MBC radio program “Bae Cheol-soo’s Music Camp,” and several others for raising suspicion over the plagiarism.

It was later revealed that his recording company was warned over the issue by Sony Korea.

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