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June 19, 2009

Hi Everyone! This is our second blogsite and we will be posting here more often now, about Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK)..All news,Pictures,Updates etc.. ‘Coz something has happened to our previous blog.. ermm…well moving on~

And by the way to those who havn’t been to our first blog yet and hasn’t know us yet..we are Han & Lei a.k.a. HanLei to make it shorter..^^..so you guys can call us HanLei or simply call us from our separate names thats fine aswell.


Han – YooMinSu Lover

Lei – YunJae & Soulmate Lover


So please support and continue visiting our blogsite….(we don’t get or ask for donations for our site..its completely free from doantions..^^)

~ P.S. — We don’t steal or claim other peoples posts or blog, whatever..whenever we post anything we give credits where it came from..so please I hope you all do the same..when taking out please include credits..ok?

~ and we always say that “Comments are LOVE!” so we will be gratefully thankful if you leave us comments and appreciate our posts!^^ especially our posts that contain’s downloads 🙂

We do some translations (but simple ones) and some are from our beloved translators. So if you repost our translations don’t forget to credit us ok? We will too..just vice versa..^^


And please support us by voting for us in TVXQ toplist. As you visit our blog everyday, why not vote for us aswell? Just click it..it wont bite..^^ (its in the top right panel of our blog>>>)


And we are still looking for translators: KOREAN,JAPANESE,THAI,CHINESE…etc. If anyone is interested just email us at – hanleidbsk@googlemail.com

be one of us and be one of the authors and post and share your DBSK stuffs here!..^^

(for being one of our authors, there are conditions to join our team, just ask us! ^^.. If you are ok with our conditions, then you are in the team!^^)

Thank You!

HanLeiDBSK team

affiliate with us! 😀

Always Keep The Faith!!!

Ask us ANYTHING here:


  1. Heii nice to meet you..
    this bLog is so great.. thanks so much..

    can you tell me all the title song in the video always keep the faith fan project by HenLei ??

    • Hi! nice to meet you too!..thank you very much!..

      ok…the songs we’ve used.. (not in order k?)..hehe
      – Babo
      – Yeo Haeng Gi
      – Holding Back the tears
      – Thanks To
      – A heartbeat away

      thats it..^^

  2. thank you for supporting Jaebum…
    it means a lot for Hottest…
    and it makes me proud to be a Cassiopeia and a Hottest…
    you have a great blog…i love reading all the news about DBSK…
    love them…

    • It’s our pleasure to help and support Jaebum & hottests.. and we believe in his talent and his overall determination to be successful with his career.

      and thanks for liking our blog..hope you visit us often..^^

  3. I will always support them >.<""

    Visit gokpop.com for more kpop and DBSK news!!

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