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SHINee’s “seniorita” rap part composed by Micky Yoochun [280509]

May 28, 2009

It’s the song from SHINee’s 2nd Mini Album “Romeo” Yoochun made the rap part of this song..^^

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Download: SHINee – Seniorita.mp3



Tohoshinki – Stand By U CD single photos

May 28, 2009

I can’t say its the official photo yet..but this was the photo used by in their site..

They say the single will be released on 01 July 2009 tagged


Lotte Duty Free Store Endorsers

May 28, 2009

some of them I really don’t know..but of course most of them you yea..hehe

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Kim Jaejoong’s new additions in his back tattoo + pic with the tattist [280509]

May 28, 2009

Now its time for DBSKs most tattoed member..hehe….remember we posted some of Jae’s back tattoo here are more photos of his back tattoo with new ones..^^

The old ones we posted (with the latest designs added)

Now these are the latest images that came out, its not a fresh tattoo but there are new ones added to the prevoius designs….~the wing in the words and that small thing at his lower back^^

With his 2(?) tattoo artist (Tattist)

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More unseen TVXQ Lotte photos [270509]

May 28, 2009

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[亂亂寫~~] 噗浪

May 28, 2009

四月的時候,在SANA的部落格上看到”噗浪”兩個字.. 因爲好奇所以按了連結, 才曉得是什麽….

噗浪的英文叫”Plurk”, 是讓我們每天上去po一些自己的狀態之類的地方… 輔大猴、四小折、海豚男等等都有加入,可是卻沒辦法加他們為朋友…. 這也是可以理解的啦…

可是爲什麽朋友之中沒人願意加入咧???? 雖然我在Friendster的shoutout和MSN上打了廣告,在profile放了plurk的外掛(不過好像顯示不出…), 可是到現在還是一個朋友也沒有(一方面我也懶得邀請人啦…)…. 還是說根本就沒人注意到??嗚~~~~(淚奔)

所以~~~~ 看在我一個人在那裏孤苦伶仃地自言自語的份上…. 加入吧~~ 加入吧~ 加入吧~~~~~~

按這裡~~ S J 的噗浪


不過我發現詩巫好像滿少人加入的… 因爲找了很久才看到一個….


Micky Party – Yoochun’s fans celebration with Harang and his mom [240509] (P2)

May 27, 2009

Part 2

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