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DBSK – Hope/Dream Concert Gwangju Korea [280309] (P3) w/link

March 28, 2009

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DBSK – Hope/Dream Concert Gwangju Korea [280309] (P2)

March 28, 2009
*DL link will be on the last post of this event..^^*

More Yunho pix on this batch..^^

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DBSK – Hope/Dream Concert Gwangju Korea [280309] (P1)

March 28, 2009

This is why I love it when they are working in Korea!…hehe…they have that hot hairstyles that suits them very well…I’m not saying that they dont look nice on Japanese style hair, but for me Korean hairstyle is much better..^^

and I believe this event will have more than one batch of if we put on the DL link for the photos it means thats the end of that album..kk?..don’t worry all photos that we have will be on that link…^^

Btw…its in Gwangju? is that Yunnie’s hometown?…i wonder he looks soo inspired eyy..hehe…..Lovin the YooSu moment in this batch, look for it…^^

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[Downloads] Tohoshinki – Survivor / The Secret Code Album – FULL – [250309]

March 26, 2009

**[[Album was out yesterday..and they said stores was soo full!!..i bet its going to be a landslide on sales again!… btw, i’ve listened to all the tracks including the offshots..and I really love it…and the song 9095 & 9096 really confused me at first..but i like it..9096 is like the less vocals of 9095 (haha..i know its confusing)!

For the video links of the offshot, I made it a separate link coz mediafire only allows 1MB for non pro member..hehe]]**

Again..We are sharing this album for you to listen and to have a copy..but it doesn’t mean that we are saying you don’t have to buy the original ones..So PLEASE DO GET A COPY OF THE ALBUM if its available in your country or visit these links (site):


Jacket A (CD+DVD) version

Jacket B (CD only) version

Jacket C (CD only + Doushitte…Acapella Ver.)

Survivor Single (CD+DVD) limited edition version

Survivor Pre-release (CD only) version (Kiss the baby sky cover)





1. Secret Game


3. Doushite Kimi Wa Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou?

4. Nobody Knows

5. Beautiful you

6. Wasurenaide

7. 9095



10.Stand Up!

11. Survivor

12. Kiss The Baby Sky

13. Bolero

14. 9096


1. We Are!

2. Take Your Hands -REMIX-

3. Box in the ship

4. Sennen Koi Uta (hidden track)

5. Purple Line

>>DL Link 1 : CD 1&2 + Additional Vids – HERE -<<

>>DL Link 2 : CD Tracks only РDisc 1 | Disc 2 -<<

**[[ for the videos..I know a lot of you already watched these I didnt upload them for a link..I have them but I think re-up them again will be pointless since you guys had already watch all of them..and its all in YT anyways..but if I have that much time I will try to upload them..but we are not promising ok?..hehe]]**

DVD Disc

-Video Clip-

1. Purple Line

2. Beautiful you

3. Doushite Kimi Wa Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou?


5. Bolero

6. Survivor

7. Kiss The Baby Sky

– Additional Videos –

01 Kiss the Baby Sky MV -offshot-

02 Survivor Photojacket -offshot-



TVXQ on Guiness Book of World Records Again! [250309]

March 25, 2009

Omo!! so awesome!!…first for the most fans gathered in an event…now for photoshoots?!…so amazing!…

Being on Japanese Magazines almost everyday really help them to get this title!…congratulations!!

source: Hey!JJ
credit: TVXQbaidu
translations: crazee
As ‘The World’s Only Artist With Most Photographs Taken’, TVXQ once again recorded in the Guinness Book Of World Records.
Reports according to China’s largest search website ‘Baidu’, TVXQ was elected as the only artist in this world that has the most photographs taken recorded in 2009’s Guinness world records. Since from debut, all kinds of activities they did had exceeded 500 million of pictures. The photos were counted since from debut to this 19 March. All the photos counted includes solo and group shots along pictures taken with others.¬†
TVXQ also hold another record for having the largest fan club/fan base in the world.

Tohoshinki – HOT! – Featured on Tarzan Magazine No.531 – April Issue [240309]

March 24, 2009

Omo Omo Omo!…love this shoot!…HOTNESS overload!!…

sorry cant help to say..Chunnie’s pic is perfect for a mens fitness magazine! hawt eyy!..and JJ’s!!



Tohoshinki – featured on a Japanese TV Guide [240309]

March 24, 2009