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YooMin – Endorsement Photos for Empolham

January 8, 2009

I love the hoody!!..^^



Heavens Postman Casts and Staff party

January 8, 2009

Omo! jae oopa take off your hands off her shoulder!..haha…LOL!~

a party? the movie is finished!!..can’t wait to watch it!!..^^


DBSK – Hahaha4U – Attack & Rehersal Wallpapers [050109]

January 5, 2009

Omo!!..they are soo gorgeous on white!!..and my Jae is sooo handsome..^^


Heavens Postman Site/Shoot [010309]

January 3, 2009

The mailbox!…haha~ omo! cant wait to watch this movie!!~^^



THSK – Bolero PV Shoot / Offshot + THSK on Appealing Mag JP [020109]

January 2, 2009

**LOL! im not really used in typing 2009 as my year in posting new stuffs..haha**

…can’t wait to see the offshot!!…and more Bolero/25th single photos!!..^^



DBSK @ SBS Gayo Daejun (HOT!) [291208] (P.4)

January 1, 2009

God! more photos!…now I have my part 4 in this event!..hehe

Don’t miss Yuchun’s tattoo in this batch!~ And more Jae, Min & Junsu’s photos…coz in other batch most of it are Yunho’s..^^

More info:~

Yoochun’s tattoo says: TVfXQMYC (MYC:Micky YooChun)


Jaejoong’s tatto says:TVfXQSoul + wing-like extensions + the word written under it: Hope To the End

cre:as tagged+as on pic+dnbn+hanleidbsk


[Videos] DBSK @ SBS Gayo Festival [291208]

January 1, 2009

Sorry for posting this too late…Coz im busy uploading all this videos on YouTube on that day of event..^^

but its better late than never right?^^

((for the videos..sorry if will not play..coz i got suspended in YT again..^^…but here is my new channel(s): sarangheJJoongie3 & JJoongieSarangheo ***but its still new**))

from my channel sarangheJJoongie2 but all credits are also in this post. Sorry I dont put DL links anymore in posts..For now jsut visit my Channel for all HQ videos..^^ (unfortunately just for viewing no Hotlinks) mianhae~

Wrong Number + Mirotic (Under my sky)

**Omo! better watch this!..its soo hot!..if u have watched it..then watch it again..hehe..**


Credits: Dopamine File @ withyoonhoCB

U-know Dance Battle CUT

** Yunie is soo hot! **

Credits: Dopamine File @ withyoonhoCB

Junsu & TaeYang Piano + song battle FULL cut

*Uhmm..i dont know..even TYs english is good and his playing the piano better than JS..I still love junsu’s part..his voice was amazing!..drop the piano..I prefer the voice..rather than the playing..^^**

Credits: Dopamine @ withyoonhoCB

All star dance battle performance + Wonderboys performance

Credits: Bestiz


credits: as tagged